Monday, February 29, 2016


Hey guys!
Man what a week!   This is the main highlight... 
Remember that family Carter and I found? That we found by pretty much pure inspiration? 
Well we have been working hard with them for a very long time. Trying to reactivate the mom, and teach the girls everything. Its been hard because they starter their business, its a smoothie shop in front of a university.
 we decided that is the only place to find them, so we always taught the girls there! haha Ive gotten a little fatter eating smoothies everyday! haha But yeah, the Tilguant Family is amazing! There are 3 little girls, Maria Jose(8) Adrea Sofia (10) and Michelle (12). So anyway, they are really smart and learned everything fast! They passed all of the interviews and when the ZLs asked who they wanted to see baptize them, each individually said ´Elder Madero´! Awwwww!haha 
I was so happy because i honestly care alot for that family. So we set up the baptism and everything and it all came out as a success! The spirit was honestly really strong there! You shouldve seen me do the 3 baptisms because I got pretty good at it lol I did it perfect, smooth, and clearly.
t was an amazing experience for everyone! My leaders were so proud of us. My ward mission leaders were VERY happy for me. But were kind of sad because they realized that this is my 5th baptism in my first area, its very very very possible that I am leaving this next change in March! Which will be really sad. But I also want to explore more of Honduras so its alright! haha Man, you guys have no idea how much I love this ward! Theyre incredible! Well anyway, now we just have to baptize the Tilguant dad and its mission complete :) then theyll go to the temple together and hopefully ill be able to go!

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