Monday, February 15, 2016


Well, where should I start...
My second sunday being here in the Ward I remember a member coming up to me and Westberg and asking us if her grandson could be baptized in this ward even though he doesnt live in the ward boundaries, but he goes every week here. We just kind of said I Dont Know, especially because i honestly didnt know anything at all! I was trying to remember all of the members and now that i think back i remember that i just shrugged it off and didnt think much of it. But then recently they gave us Las Brizas right?  While Carter and I were there we were meeting everyone and we found Adan. 
Adan was thatttt grandson she was talking about, and hes been wanting to get baptized for a long time. But since there is so much contreversy in this area its always been hard for the missionaries. So since we were there we worked hard with him and tried to work on the baptism. 
We talked to President Bowler and everything and it wasnt until this week we got the papers filled out!   Adan is 12 years old, lives with a poor family in a shack type of  house. He doesnt have much friends because he cant really talk, i think he was abused when he was younger. 
I always get sad seeing people like that. So the time we would be at his house we actually got to be pretty good friends! Hes a jokester too! haha We taught him everything and he got it all!  As well as another joven, Daniel. We set up their baptismal dates for last satuday. 
So the day of the main interview comes up and we have the ZLs with us in Las Brizas, and during the interview I get a call from President Bowler asking me about that area and what the ward is doing about it. (Because its gold mine here!) and he says that there is a lot of contreversy in this area between barrios and other misions and we are not allowed back there until further notice. (estimated time, months) But we got everything signed and we are ready for the baptism.
 And it made my day when Adan specifically wanted ME to do the baptism!   Ohhhh mann!!   haha    my first one! 
So the baptismal day comes around and it was an amazing time! 
A lot of people came and we had a great time! My favorite moment was before the baptism, when we were taking pictures. Me and him were taking pictures, then him and his mom, then his grandpa comes in and he just starts balling. He was so happpy that he was finally getting baptized and he knew his grandpa was sooo proud of him. 
It felt amazing that I had that oppurtunity to make his dream come true. The ward was really happy for us too.
 It was a good week!!!!
I got a really good question this week,
 ´´i am really interested hearing how you are learning to deal with adversity. Whether it is a door slammed on you or a less than enthusiastic comp.´´
 I really liked this because i was thinking about this this week. well lets put it this way. Ive been in this city for about 3 months now and im compeltely used to it. Elder Marin just came from the South. The people in the south are REALLY humble and loving. When you contact down there they usually always let you in. Here, not so much. So his style of, being a missionary, was really different then how it is here, and it was hard for him to transition.
 I took him contacting once he got here and show him around and in about 30 minutes he was already desanimado.
 He said     ”Wut da Hake? Why doesnt anyone talk to us, or let us in, or even wave back?!” 
And at first I didnt take him seriously but then i realized that he REALLY didnt understand. I had to remember that this is almost a different culture. The people here are really rich and snotty. Just picture Scottsdale here.
 Then i realized how much i have adapted to all of the adversity here. All of the slammed doors in a day doesnt faze me at all anymore. Elder Westberg, my dad, taught me something really important, we are here to find the prepared people that the Lord has for us, we just have to be obedient and work hard to find them. When people openly reject us, it means they were not them. And this early in my mission I can clearly see and testify of that. Many times we know that certain people were put in our path for a reason. I was talking to a member about this the other day and they were laughing saying I am really lcuky to be starting here because my next area can only be easy as far as contacting goes. lol which is true! Being with Elder Marin also helped me realize how much ive improved with patience, like theres ¨no worries´. I guess I used to be really impatient with people in general, and when things dont work out like theyre supposed to. But i was just say ´well.... ni modo´. and just keep on going. haha
 My comp is still working with this and im trying to help him because he easily gets frustrated when things dont work out. We help each other out alot actually, even though out of my 3 comps, this has been the hardest lol. 
He especially helps me with my spanish and my knowledge of the gospel.
 Ive actually gotten pretty good with my spanish.



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