Sunday, May 7, 2017

Fun Drive!

Well this week was supposed to be just an average regular week... and well, I was wrong. Way wrong. Well first of all we had Consejo de Lideres this week so that was fun! We got to teach an awesome class to all of the leaders of the mission! Then we finished it, everyone told us they liked it which was relieving because those conferences take alot of time to prepare! haha we were happy to go back to our area and work. But then guess what, the next morning we get a call from our President saying that we have to meet with him and help him arrange the emergency changes that are going to happen soon! So we had to cancel all of our appointments (again) and do that. It was my first time! Its really interesting. I kind of feel like this is how the apostoles make our mission calls! All of a sudden there were a bunch of certain situations in the mission in which we had to make changes within some missionaries. Usually in emergency changes there is only about 3-4 missionaries involved. Since two missionaries went home this week, about 10 missionaries were involved! All in the city, south and east! So we had the missionaries from the south come up by a bus that we rented for them, and the city missionaries just met here in taxi. But we had the special assignment of going all of the way to the east, why? Because I was the only one in the office who truly knew the East due to the fact that ive been in Danlí and Valle Verde! And guess what? we ahd to drive to the farthest area from the city! El Paraíso!!! I went back home!! :´) It was really interesting the way it worked out. Since my companion is from London, he knows how to drive in the city a lot better than I can, so he drove to get us out of this big city first, and then I took charge when we hit the open long country like roads! haha Im not going to lie, it was pretty far... but in this awesome truck that we have, it was fun! Its a powerful truck ;) It was so nice being in El Paraíso again! Man, I love that place! Anyway, we finally were able to really work in our area again on thursday, and we found some pretty awesome people!
 My dad recently sent me a package with alot of cool things, one in specific was a white board! Like a small one that fits in our backpacks, and guess what? its the best invention ever! It really, realllly helps our investigators understand our message! We just draw it out for them and they understand alott better! We already seeing results! :) 
Also in the package was a game of Loteria! A typicial game in mexico thats like bingo! We played last night and it was so much fun!