Monday, January 30, 2017

9 months!!!!

Hey guys!
 Let me just say.... I am sooo happy!! I love the Villa! It is a really hard, reallly hard. But thats okay, you know why? Because my new companion is the greatest missionary ever! I am learning so much from him! So the fact that this area is hard, really doesnt bug us at all. I cant believe we have been here for two weeks already! Time goes by fast when your echando fuego! We have found a bunch of amazing people, but also lost a lot of awesome investigators...thats just part of the mission. Thats the worst part of the mission, is when we have to `break-up` with investigators. I`ll explain later. Do you guys remember of the story last week of the that investigator where we showed her the baptisms for the dead in her bible? well we went back. Expecting her to be supper positive... but guess what? Nope! She didnt even attend us , her daughter did! She has a 20 year old daughter that read the pamphlet that we left her! And she even prayed!! She says that she partially received an answer, because de repente she felt the desire to keep learning and recieving us. She is SUPER positive! So we taught her about the Book of Mormon so that she can know with all of heart that what we are teaching is true. She was really excited! So we left... we came back 3 days later and guess what... Satan got in the way. She didnt even want to recieve us, but we made our way in. She made up a bunch of excuses, but then after a while she told us the truth... Lately, shes heard alot of negative comments about our church. For some reason, her family, friends, and people in the street just start talking bad about our church to her and she got really confused. The thing is that she really feels that we wouldnt lie to her. But she pretty much broke up with us. It was SOO sad... She would have definately been a CONVERT. Pero ni was interesting, because she mentioned that some people in the street were telling her how supposably Joseph Smith died, and it kind of confused her. But when we were about to leave, we felt that we just close with our testimonies, and telling her how Joseph Smith really died, and how no matter how easy it would have been to just Lie and say `Haha! Just kidding! I made everything up!` instead of taking the easy way out, he sealed his testimony with his blood, never denying what he knows his true. We can see that she was truly impacted, but this just wasnt her time.
 I was really sad, obviously. But Elder Harris has taught me something important, he says `dont worry, Our Heavenly Father has someone prepared for us, we just have to be ready too and be looking`. Well, we found a BUNCH of better people! I`ll share one of the miracles. So, the first week we taught this guy, really postive. We went for the second cita, he wasnt there, there was his sister. So we are like well... why not? so we teach her outside. She is not positive at all, we were like well, we dont really know why we are here, but we`ll just leave a foyeto. (There is bar right next door) and then, right before we do the closing prayer, this lady comes out of the bar with red hair. She comes over to us and sits with us, (she is friends with the sister) And she says, can I join you guys as you pray? we say Of Course!! So she sits, we pray, and we talk a little bit more with her, she asked US to go teach her, because she really wants to change. Every bolo(drunk) says that... but we felt that she reallly meant it! So we put a cita and we go after a couple days. She used to go to church for months! She knows a lot about the church and was even at the point of getting baptized...but then the missoinarys got changes. She has a lot of addictions that she has to overcome but she is definately a miracle!! She is awesome!! She truly has the desire to change! 
Anyway, being a ZL is awesome! Alot more responsibility, but I like it! haha The APs are happy with our work, Valle Verde is really improving. (It needed help) Valle Verde is kind of that zone that no ones wants to go to. because its in the middle of no where! Legit, middle of no where. No super markets, no restuarants, nothing. There are just a bunch of pueblos. So alot of missionaries think that gives them the excuse not to work haha. But we are doing our best to animate everyone! 
But!! I didnt tell you guys the best news ever!! So I left Paraìso right?... who goes with Elder Guerra? (My kid) well guess what... He is DISTRICT LEADER and TRAINING a new missionary!!! What?!?! He is making history! This supperrr rare, it never happens! My dad, Elder Westberg trained right after his training too.
 We played soccer with Danli today so I talked to Elder Guerra and he is working super hard! And its true because last night when I was talking with the APs, Elder Solares tells me how pilas Elder Guerra is! Im so proud :`) I have a grandson! Elder Alvarado from Costa Rica! Super dope!
And not like im counting... but, I only have NINE months left!! I`m down to the single digits! what?
 I already miss the mission!

The family!

Here are the Mexican Tostadas we made for last weeks Noche do Hogar, Mamà and the fam loved them!

We had a missionary broadcast straight from Salt Lake this week with some big news!!
 But we are going to have zone conference this wednesday and they are going to tell us if the new changes are going to apply here. But we were supposed to watch this transmission in the chapel, but since we are in the middle of no where, the church`s internet was not good enough. So we had to buy a chip from Tigo and buy internet and plug in to one of our members house and we had our whole zone watch it from a small,small laptop! haha

 For dinner, we cook at Mamà`s house everyday! Its awesome! This is the stove :)
Elder Harris making some fried platoon!

This is our Valle Verde house, its pretty much just a concrete box... but its not bad!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Valle Verde!!

Well... changes came! And I have changes! 
I had to say goodbye to El Paraíso, which was heartbreaking. But I was also pretty excited. 
Im glad to get to know more of Honduras. New areas and new people, more experiences. This experience is going to be so much fun. On Sunday night I recieved a call from our Mission President telling me that I will have a special assignment, I will be going to Valle Verde, a hard area. But I will be really happy about my new companion. We will be working together as Zone Leaders! That means we will have to look after more missionaries, working hard and setting the example,and let me tell you guys....its awesome! I love this assignment!
Valle Verde is actually close to Danlí. Not really close, but the closest to any other zone. So theres the city Teguz in the center, then Valle Verde in the middle of no where, then if you keep going there is the city of Danlí. There are no supermarkets, nothing more than just small mercados. It gets pretty hot here, but nothing like the south. haha!
 I am in the area of La Villa de San Fransisco. Its like a town like Paraíso, but not as well developed. But you guys know me, I love small towns than big cities! So I reallly like this area so far. We are in a branch. The branch is really small.
 The average assistance is 24 a week... so yeah, theres some work to be done! Last year, there was only ONE baptism in this!! 
So we´ll what we can do about that. My companion is Elder Harris!! Elder Harris is awesome! He actually grew up in Arizona! But the key points of his life has lived in Utah so hes considered a Utahnian? He wrestled for about 10 years! what!! He studied in BYU as well! We get along reallly well. More than anything, we are really helping each other alot on being the best missionaries that we can be, being obedient con exactitud and working hard. We only have about a week together but we have already seen a bunch of miracles! Obviously, its hard to baptize here, but we´ve already met alot of great investigators the first week! Oh! I really want to share this awesome experience: This one night we were contacting at around 8:45 and we knocked on this certain door where this cipota opens the door and then we talk with the mom, they let us in. We get to know them and they are awesome! Yes they go to a church, but the good thing is that she isnt too brainwashed lol. But she does know the bible really well! So long story short, I really felt like I needed to ask whether or not she had any questions or any doubts about something that shes heard about the Mormons. She said No, but we asked again and again. Then she said Welllll, Yes. I have a friend whos mormon who was telling me about something you guys do, baptisms for the dead? Yes!! She trusted us to ask us this! Huge step forward! So then we teach this as basic as we can, but we felt like she didnt totally beleive us. She thinks that this is something that we are making up as Mormons, so we had no other choice but to show her that this is found in her bible! So we got 1 Corintios 15:29. So we had her read it, and it was really funny because as she was reading outloud she stopped when she read... ¨Por que, pues, se bautizan por los.......muertos?¨ And then she looks up at us, with the look of ¨How´d you do that?¨ She said, out of all of the years that Ive been going to church, no one has ever showed me this. And then we challenged and everything and happy ever after! She is a really amazing investigator now! 
The awesome thing about this area is that we are being taken care of! We are being taken care of by Mamá! We have a Zone mother! More than anything shes our mother! :) haha There is this member that loves us! We call her Mamá. 
She gives us lunch everyday and washes our clothes. for dinner, she lets us use her kitchen and we cook our food!
 I love it, I get to control what I eat now haha! (Mexican food everyday;)
Tonight we have a noche de hogar there, and we are going to cook Tostadas! 

 That first house that you can see is our house! Its pretty nice. Bucket showers everyday but, ive seen worse! haha

This the Villa branch building, as well as the Valle Verde District Center.

There are no taxis here, only Motortaxis. They are like 3 wheeled vehicles. Theyre wierd. And always overcharge!

 These donkeys are following me everywhere!!! haha

 Just like El Paraíso is the home of coffee, here in the Villa it is the home of Sugar Cane! These huge trucks are always passing all day, as you can see, theyre hauling sugar cane.

This is Mamá and I, at my second house! 

Mamá and Elder Harris.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

We went to the Temple today!!

                                                           El Templo de Honduras!!
 We went to the Temple today!! It was such an amazing experience! I love this temple so much. Who wouldnt love going to the temple with their family right?
 Well this zone that i´m with right, we are all family. Like I truly mean it. I will upload more temple pictures next week.

                                                                    This is the Paraíso squad!

 There is this new place in Danlí called Coco Baleadas and they make reallly good baleadas! Theyre HUGE! 

                                                                 These are the tamales in Honduras! 
They are really common during this season. They are kinnnnd of like the ones from Mexico, but a little different. First of all they are not spicy which is really sad... They are even wrapped in a different leaf thing. They have the rice already included! Thats a bonus!!!!!  Like... who likes to eat their tamale and then eat your rice on the side?
 why not at the same time?
 But the bad thing is that you´ll usually find a small bone from the meat inside as well. Its really common. Probably the worst thing I have tried on the mission, was in the south, a really awesome poor family gave us food. I literally eat WHATEVER people give me, and if they ask me, it is the best food ive ever had in my life! haha but.... this one time, this hermana gave us tamales that tasted like pure clorox. Yes, clorox. But we ate it with a smile on our faces and she WATCHED us eat it. Once we were finishing up she said Oh! Elders, I tried a tamale and didnt like it because it tasted like clorox, you guys dont have to eat it if you dont want to..... righttt, thats why she waited until we were already done eating it! hahaha 
what happens is that some people wash their pans with bleach and the smells sticks

                                                        "WHY IS THERE A PALOMA ON MY HEAD??????"

Feliz New Year!!!!!!

Hey guys! First of all, Happy New year!!!!!!
 Hey guys!  I cant believe it is already new year! The year that I go home..... Wow!!!!
Time goes by way too fast. Well I need to send a bunch of pictures that I havent sent yet.
 New years week was a blast in El Paraíso!
 There were fireworks everywhere all of the time! It got kind of annoying after a while. 
 In  teguz last year, I couldnt sleep until like 1 in the morning because of the fireworks. But they were the hand fireworks. The little ones that you blow up in the streets but make alot of noise. 
Here... they bring out the big boys. I couldnt sleep at midnight during New Years because of fireworks, but the ones that blow up in the sky! It was awesome! And there was some that were exploding right by our house! Well actually, Im just going to upload all of the pictures and let the do the talking! haha

Our mission leader Elias and the family gave us a really good New Years lunch after church!

For P-Day we decided to do a surprise activity for the hermanas! 
When they got to church we divided them into teams and gave them a piece of paper. It was a clue.
 We did an EPIC SCAVENGER HUNT at the church! It was so much fun! 
We didnt participate obviously but helping others have the time of the life is so much more worth it.

This one day our dinner appointment got canceled so Elder Guerra and I decided to cook! 
I taught him how to cook MEXICAN TACOS!! 

                                                                             They were sooo good!!!!!!!!