Thursday, January 12, 2017

We went to the Temple today!!

                                                           El Templo de Honduras!!
 We went to the Temple today!! It was such an amazing experience! I love this temple so much. Who wouldnt love going to the temple with their family right?
 Well this zone that i´m with right, we are all family. Like I truly mean it. I will upload more temple pictures next week.

                                                                    This is the Paraíso squad!

 There is this new place in Danlí called Coco Baleadas and they make reallly good baleadas! Theyre HUGE! 

                                                                 These are the tamales in Honduras! 
They are really common during this season. They are kinnnnd of like the ones from Mexico, but a little different. First of all they are not spicy which is really sad... They are even wrapped in a different leaf thing. They have the rice already included! Thats a bonus!!!!!  Like... who likes to eat their tamale and then eat your rice on the side?
 why not at the same time?
 But the bad thing is that you´ll usually find a small bone from the meat inside as well. Its really common. Probably the worst thing I have tried on the mission, was in the south, a really awesome poor family gave us food. I literally eat WHATEVER people give me, and if they ask me, it is the best food ive ever had in my life! haha but.... this one time, this hermana gave us tamales that tasted like pure clorox. Yes, clorox. But we ate it with a smile on our faces and she WATCHED us eat it. Once we were finishing up she said Oh! Elders, I tried a tamale and didnt like it because it tasted like clorox, you guys dont have to eat it if you dont want to..... righttt, thats why she waited until we were already done eating it! hahaha 
what happens is that some people wash their pans with bleach and the smells sticks

                                                        "WHY IS THERE A PALOMA ON MY HEAD??????"

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