Thursday, January 12, 2017

Feliz New Year!!!!!!

Hey guys! First of all, Happy New year!!!!!!
 Hey guys!  I cant believe it is already new year! The year that I go home..... Wow!!!!
Time goes by way too fast. Well I need to send a bunch of pictures that I havent sent yet.
 New years week was a blast in El Paraíso!
 There were fireworks everywhere all of the time! It got kind of annoying after a while. 
 In  teguz last year, I couldnt sleep until like 1 in the morning because of the fireworks. But they were the hand fireworks. The little ones that you blow up in the streets but make alot of noise. 
Here... they bring out the big boys. I couldnt sleep at midnight during New Years because of fireworks, but the ones that blow up in the sky! It was awesome! And there was some that were exploding right by our house! Well actually, Im just going to upload all of the pictures and let the do the talking! haha

Our mission leader Elias and the family gave us a really good New Years lunch after church!

For P-Day we decided to do a surprise activity for the hermanas! 
When they got to church we divided them into teams and gave them a piece of paper. It was a clue.
 We did an EPIC SCAVENGER HUNT at the church! It was so much fun! 
We didnt participate obviously but helping others have the time of the life is so much more worth it.

This one day our dinner appointment got canceled so Elder Guerra and I decided to cook! 
I taught him how to cook MEXICAN TACOS!! 

                                                                             They were sooo good!!!!!!!! 

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