Sunday, December 25, 2016

Feliz Christmas!

I dont even know where to start! I cannot believe it is already christmas again!! Remember exactly a year ago I was saying the same thing! haha So many things have happened during these days, sadly enough, I am going to have to summarize a little bit.

First of all, we baptized Cynthia!! Whattt?! She is another truly amazing convert! The whole story with her is a witness that everything truly happens for a reason! The baptism went great! Everything went smoothly! She was soo happy! She is 17 and is really, really animated to go on a mission! 

Second, let me tell you guys a little story first... maybe some on know, maybe some of you dont, (my parents love telling everyone about it) well, about two years ago one of the donkeys that we have bit my finger. It was a very embarrasing moment because you know that donkeys are not agressive at all... and everyone always asks: why was your finger in his mouth?! What happen was that my family went to Utah for a weekend and left me home alone, and I convinced my parents that I could take care of the ranch on my own for a weekend. Well during that month ive been trying to break our donkeys so that we can ride them right? Well the night they left, i was finishing up that breaking session with the donkey for the day and i was giving him his prize and feeding him food, then oops! There are huge teeth around my finger!! hahaha Well heres the thing, in El Paraíso, there are donkeys that just walk around. Literally. Just lingering around, eating some grass here, some there, everywhere! And it freaks me out. Sometimes we have to go through a road and theres a donkey there...we usually just take the long way around! haha well this certain time I wanted to take a picture with one of the donkeys and it became one of those PERFECT TIMING moments! Check out the donkey picture below! lol

Third, we had an epic christmas conference has a mission! Pretty much the whole mission go together and we had a spiritual conference together and we had time to bond, play some sports and catch up with some old friends! It was so much fun! Then we all got little gifts thanks to some families that donated them up in the states! Thank you so much!! 
Fourth, speaking of presents, during the conference they started handing out packages for the missionaries, I was very surprised when I heard my name!! I got a package from the Jones family, and then, after a while, I hear my name again!! WHAT?! Thank you soooo much to the Jones family and my family for the awesome packages!! It means so much to me!! :)

Fifth, well today is PDay, so like always, we were together as a zone. The elders got together and came up with this idea, that we give the hermanas an awesome gift! We´ll cook for them! As well as do a Secret Santa gift exchange! Which was incredibly fun!! I had Hermana Benson. She is a new missionary so I bought a cool honduras shirt and because there is a shirt printing place here in paraíso, (who is also an investigator) I got a good deal and I was able to write Benson on the back of the shirt! It was awesome! 

This morning we got together and we made really good waffles! And we usually split the costs of the food, but this time, we didnt charge them so they were super happy! It was a really great start to christmas!

Alright that is it for now, but I am SOO excited to talk to my family tomorrow!! I cant wait! 

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