Monday, February 8, 2016


Hey guys!
  Everything is going great here! I am having a blast every week! Yeah there are a lot of desafios but you learn to overcome them and just have a great time! 
We have been getting a lot of progress this week. Probably because of my new comp, Elder Marin. He is from Nicaraqua and has 20 months in!
Hes not baggy at all either lol. But yeah I heard hes one of the fletchest in this mission, so its been a really hard transition from Carter to Marin. I guess its good for me though, and im already getting used to it. 
The hard thing is teaching our whole area to someone againnn... he got confused alot at first but he got it down. I never really realized how much I love the people here and the members and them back to me until Ive had a comp like Marin. Hes a little more duller and straight to the point, not much love lol. When I contact people I make sure to let them know that I care about them, he sounds like a robot sometimes lol. But we´re working on that. Weve been having a lot of success lately. We can EASILY see that the Lord is putting prepared people in our path! This one time we were contacting streets that i have already contacted before, and then we arrived to this small street in Colinas, at first I didnt want to even try there, but then I got a small hunch to just do it. Annnnnnnnd of course, the second house I contact the dude lets us in instantly and says Wow! Missionaries! I havent talked to missionaries in forever! Well it turns out that hes a previous progressing investigator that no one knew about. And he even says, hes ready for baptism and he believes in everything already. I just looked up and said, Really? haha I just love the blessings the Lord gives us for our obedience and faith.
 We have found a lot of investigators lately so the obra is going good!:)
  Oh! You know how in movies there is always that scene where its raining and someones car breaks down and people come to the rescue and help? Welllll yeah that happened and it was epic! haha its been really cold here lately,and its been raining. And this one day we were contacting and we are coming up to a house and this lady is like Elderes!! Come help please! And you know us, we went and helped! It was a really fun experience changing a tire in the rain :) 
   With these changes that happened, our zone is so cool! Elder Westberg,my dad, is back as a Zone Leader here! woohoo! and there is the other chicano here too! Hes really cool and is from Utah.
Well today is P-day and as a Zone we decided to go to Picacho! It was a lot of fun! You can literally see the whole city from here and the statue of Jesus is huge!

This ZL, Elder Rosario from Dominican Republic, 
He loves me and we are always messing around doing the flexing stuff ;D


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