Monday, February 1, 2016

Tegucigalpa Temple

    What a week! A lot has happened!
 Like I think it was Tuesday we had a Worldwide Live Video feed in which we heard some apostles and important people talk to us. Doesnt sound like a big deal right? Well this was the first one that has happened in over a decade! So that made us a little more interested. They talked to us on how we can improve la obra and all that good stuff. We also had Zone Conference last friday, my first one! Everyone in the Cuidad Zone was there and it was nice seeing some old friends as well as making new friends. We got our regular scolding (lol just kidding). But the APs and President Bowler taught us a lot of important information that for me, a new guy, was very useful. We have been working hard, especially in Las Brizas! There is so much there that I cant believe past missionaries didnt take advantage of. People are there just waiting for us! We have Noche De Hogar´s all planned out and stuff. And we found out that there is this little girl who loves going to church and shes been attending for over a year now, but we never realized that she hasnt been baptized, or even if she wants to be. So we made a trip there to talk to her and ask her parents for permission to teach her about baptism and stuff, the mom was very hard with us, but she just ended up saying to ask the dad. So we did. (I was a little nervous because Las Brizas is a, according to EVERYONE that we talk to, a very dangerous place.) We go to the back of the house and find the dad and he is in the middle of sharping their kitchen knives using a spinny thing machine, i forgot what its called... But i know its not to sharpen knives! haha its for cutting metal but anyway the point is, it was a pretty scary situation and we tried not to get on his bad side! haha We talked to him about it and at the end, he put the knife down.Yes!lol He said he doesnt have a problem with it, so we should be baptizing her soon! But WAIT THERES MORE! We asked the dad if he would be interested in learning a little about the church, and he said Yes of course! It sounds interesting! And so we invited him to an activity me and my comp have been planning. A temple trip! In which we will give our investigators a ride to the temple and thing can look at it and stuff, ANNND enter it! We have connections....and the temple people are going to let our investigators enter inside a side room and just sit for a while and pray. This was going to be an awesome experience! And he accepted! And we invited our other investigators as well! We went of Saturday the 23rd and it was COLD! That night it hit 16 degress Celcius! So it was cold and windy with all of investigators at the temple but it was cool because we were all outside freezing, and when we entered the temple... nice and warm :) It was perfect! Ill attach some photos! This was a great time and our investigators loved it! We taught a little class after and then went to Dunkin Donuts after and had some coffee... I mean hot chocolate!
   Anyways, the rest of the week was cool. I gave a talk last sunday and supposably it was a good talk because everyone applauded after I finish. I dont know if they were clapping because it was good or because I finished.... (I´ll let you figure out if im kidding or not ;) haha I love my ward so much! Its going to be heartbreaking when I leave! The area is so amazing too! Oh! Me and my comp had a funny experience the other day. There is this bar that is by our house that always has their tv playing old classic rock music. So when we walk by we walk a little slow to see whos performing right? But this night, we walk by and what do we see? the BYU Channel!! What the heck?! hahaha I have no ídea whhhy but me and my comp were so confused! All we saw was a bunch of scenery videos and we kept double comfirming the little BYU logo at the bottom right corner lol. That was wierd... Well yeah, it was a pretty busy week. Oh!! And I received annnother package! Thank you Jones family!! Well, thanks to ALL of you! I really appreciated the regalos! We had an awesome holiday season!

These are our investigators that showed up to our activity, including a family!

Elder Carter and I teaching a short spiritual lesson after going inside.

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