Monday, January 18, 2016


Hey guys!
Everything is going well here! The  weather is super fresco and the year is starting off right! We have some really positive investigators and we're getting closer to the baptismal dates! Hope everything goes well! 
But I received some pretty bad news this week... This year was supppposed to be el año de la Niña..meaning it's supposed to rain alot this year, woohoo!, but according to recent updates, it 'changed' to el Niño! :( I guess this means its going to be a drought and hot all year! Dang it! And I can't keep an umbrella with me to protect from the sun or else they'll think we're Jehovah Witnesses even more than they do now haha So yeah, its going to be my first summer here! We'll see if its worse than Phoenix summer ;) I love cooking now! haha its wierd because my mind goes into a certain cooking-mode and I remember all of the things Ive seen you guys cook and how, its pretty cool! Same thing with cleaning! haha I cant STAND a dirty apartment lol New years day me and my comp cleaned reallly good our house so its all clean now!(always) THanks for teaching me all of the little stuff! 
My comp also taught me alot about family stuff because of his family. He is the youngest of 13 siblings and we share alot of the same types of experiences being the youngest. And hes handled it differently, lets put it this way, he was really bad before he came,  but yeah, then he changed his life around. And he hardly has communication with about half of his other siblings, and his mom has cancer :/ his story is incredible! He tried to go home SO BAD his first few changes but Pres Bowler wouldnt let him lol its funny! But then after a while he nknew he had to stay. This christmas skype call he found out she is 90% cured! and he is about 15 months in! 

anyways I'm doing good!  Thank you for the emails guys! I love the support!

The other day I had my first Honduran Coconut! It is amazing! If tastes like... Coconut water! Who would've guessed?

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