Friday, January 1, 2016

I love the Holidays!!!!




Man these past weeks have been amazing!
 Carter and I are calling them P-Weeks because work was pretty slow, and there were alot of celebrations! These people here love celebrating! I fit right in ;) Like ive said before the members love us so much! and they feed us sooo much i love it! Im still getting used to some of the food but for the most part it is amazing! Especially baleadas! I had the best Baleada ever today! Its the Honduran specialty dish. But yeah these holiday days are awesome! Well both christmas eve and day we ate the main meals with gringo families, so that made it feel like home haha Christmas day was the best! We ate with the Hansen family, he grew up in Mesa arizona, loves working out like us, and loves the same music as us! So we are always have a great time with their family just talking and stuff. After our Skype call on christmas we were sitting in the living room just jamming out on the guitar and everybody singing! It was awesome :) But then pretty much everynight the last week and this week there are firecrackers ALLL NIGHT! Its so annoying because the firecrackers are HUGE! I kid you not! HUGE! It always sounds like the firecrackers are inside the apartment! So its hard to get some sleep. Its funny how the people here are all used to it lol But I had the craziest day of my life yesterday, its so bad I cant write here, but remember to ask me about it when I get home, its so funny! haha! Im having the greatest time ever here, me and my comp are making the most of the mission as possible, alwaus having a great time and making memories, I feel like ive grown so much already! I love the work that we do! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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