Thursday, December 24, 2015

Feliz navidad!

Hey guys! Feliz Navidad! 
Man what a week! Its been awesome! We´ve been working hard even with the holidays coming up, we still got alot of the polite rejections from caring people (not) but we still taught a lot and have had a lot more investigators because of this season! 
I had AMAZING experiences this past week, experiences where Ive only seen on movies, and they actually happened! Ok so heres how it went down : We are doing our normal ALB right, knocking and talking. And one day I told my comp, we´ve knocked these houses before, but lets do them again. So we go, and the last house that we find are an inactive family. She said we can come back another day, so we did. She recieved us and everything and said that she wants us to teach her daughters so they can get baptized. and shes been wanting to return to church, and shes been waiting for a reply from her prayers. And this specific day she prayed again, thats when we knocked the first time. She almost started crying when she told us this story. That was incredible. Now they are doing everything they can to return :) 
ok, story number Dos: 
Since we are opening the area in MiraFlores, we are meeting some members. And we met Noel, who just returned from his mission from London! (his english accent is the coolest thing ever!) and one of the first things he told us is that he wants to visit his little borther and teach him a little bit more about the church and he told us to return this certain day because he would be home. So this day comes and we had a bunch of appointments all around the same time (oops) and we had to choose which ones to postpone and which to visit now. I had a hunch to visit Eddie, his borther, and this time. So we stop by and he was super happy to see us! He told us that the hermanas used to visit and teach him but the stopped for a long time now. And that on his way home he was strolling around and he was meditating, and the church kept popping into his head, he told us that he knew it was true and that was the path he needed to take. But of course this isnt easy, so he was pondering what the next step should be. Then he went home, after a while, we show up. He told us this story and said we were an answer to his prayers! This is the sign he needed! And remember, we almost postponed this visit. And hes doing everthing he can to prepare for baptism, we have a date for next saturday! :)  MY FIRST BAPTISM :)
Next story:
 We were contacting, and we were rejexted.. alottt. But we kept going. Long story short, we found this girl, Bolep. The first time we met her we talked to her casually. She told us that she was catholic and stuff but my comp asked, Why? then Are you there because of family tradition, or have you prayed and know that is the place the Lord wants you to be? So we left her with that, and she said we can come back some day that we are around. Next time we went she recieved us and everything, we taught the Restauracion, and she liked it. I asked her how she feels, because we totally felt the Spirit there with us, and then she told us her story. After we left the first time we contacted her she was really questioning what we asked her, and she actually prayed about it. And she asked for guidance to see where she should be. We stopped by like a week later, we totally forgot abvout her lol, and that day she said a certain prayer for guidance on what she should different this year, she prayed about this because this certain day was her birthday! She said that she knew this was her sign, and that something about what we are talking about really stands out to her. She feels like this is what the Lord wants her to do, but of course we told her to pray again about to confirm. But man what an experience! 
These experiences all started just because I had a hunch about something. Something inside said Go there. or Knock this street. I learned alot this week, mostly about relying on the guidance of the Holy Ghost. I know that Lord is watching over us and is guiding us to the prepared people. 

Well tomorrow I talk to the family for Christmas! I cant wait! :)

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