Sunday, December 20, 2015

Being a great missionary, takes great responsibility.

Oh man what a week! The day after I wrote last week was changes. I didnt think we would get changed since its only been 4 weeks with my comp in this area that we opened! (the next 2 changes are 8 weeks) But yeah, my comp Elder Westberg got changed!! Like whattt! Right when we were getting things rolling! I didnt want another companion because we were doing so well and we were really good companions and i didnt want to deal with someone difficult or who didnt wanna work. So we went to changes meeting and met our next comps. I got Elder Carter. He is soo cool!! Like you guys have no idea! If we went to Highschool together we would definately would have been best friends! We have so many common interests. Like Music! Thats all we talk about in our free time! Its all about that Zepellin, beatles, eagles, paul mccartney, elton john stuff!lol And he plays guitar too! We have so much fun! and we are both hard workers! But heres the thing... Our ward is HUGE! about 260 assistance every week. Our area used to be zone! There were 4 missionaries total last week. They took out the hermanas, so now theres only 2 missinaries. But wait theres more! Like i said, they took out my senior companion too. Now theres only one. Me. That new guy. Only has a month in and is still learning how to be a missionary, barley knows the area because we opened it a few weeks ago. Well I was stressed to the max! Also because since the hermanas werent here, thats a whole other colonia to learn! so we had to open that area too! But once we got situated, we went to work! I tried to be as patient as possible as my comp has to learn thi huge area and all of the 200+ members, and hes getting it down fast! So were working SUPER hard! But heres my favorite part, that i didnt realize until after a couple days, i took charge! Usually Elder Westberg was that guy in charge all of the time since he had more experience and stuff, but now that hes not here... well i had to. Its wierd because im like the Senior companion already!(And i only have barely over a month) Im usually leading all of the lessons and the ALBs and correlation meetings and phone calls! My comp doesnt care at all! He actually likes it better like that because his last comp didnt do anything! Im having so much fun! But its not easy at alllll in this situation. But theres something that Elder Westberg told me which i think is true, the Lord prepared me for this hard situation in my youth, and now its time to put it to use. I took on this challenge head on this week and already seeing results! I LOVE THIS PLACE SO MUCH! Mostly for one reason: The members. They Love us sooo much! They say that we are theyre favoirtes taht theyve had in a while! They are always inviting us over, and give us delicious food, and always give us rides everywhere!! and references! They love working with us too! I never want to leave here! at least im spending Christmas here! :)

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