Saturday, December 19, 2015

I love my Mission!!!

 Hey guys!
Man i love this! I love being out on the mission so much! Sometimes I cant believe im actually here! Dont get me wrong, its not easy. But nothing that is worth it is easy right? Im learning so much here! I lovvve it!lol i love the culture here! the people are so awesome! the ward here is soooo nice! They are so humble even though they are super rich! lol but they have gotten to like the new missionaries that opened up the area. we are getting a bunch of references now! Something i like about this culture is that they are all soccer fanatics! lol Like the other week Barcelona and Real Madrid played against each other and that day EVERYONE wore their jerseys! And we would be in a lesson and you can here from every direction when some team makes a goal! Everyone screams its funny! It takes away the spirit sometimes so that gets annoying... but its still funny. But the other day, Honduras and Mexico played! Oh no. Everyone that meets me automatically knows im Mexican and they all asked me that day who im going for lol of course I said Honduras! (cough cough...Mexico;) But yeah the people love mexico though, especially the food!  
Any way, the missionary work is going good! We fasted this week for missionary work, and sure enough, one of our investigators showed up for church and he loved it!! And we are working with like 5 other positive investigators, and especially  with Nelson! Hes still giving us a chance :) We walk around a lot all day and try to talk to everyone but its not easy finding people. Well it kind of is, they usally say Claro, si ustedes hablan de Dios esta bien! But theyre usually super catholic or evangleical. The hard part is finding the chosen people the Lord has prepared for us, but I know theyre out there! We've found some too :)  I love all of your prayers and emails! I am having a great time doing the Lords work because I know hes watching over us! Tomorrow is changes, I hope we dont get transfered anywhere!

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