Monday, November 30, 2015

Last month!!!!....

Hey guys! Sorry I wont be able to write so much on the blog this time. Instead of sending all of the pictures from the first day until now, and im replying to the individual emails. i LOVE hearing from you guys thank you so much! Im sorry that i cannot always reply but i read every single one and usually, just kidding. I usually laugh! :) Everything is going well this week! Its been a little hard with these investigators but thats part of being a missionary, i still love it though! Like one time we found this guy hes 17 and his name is Daniel, and my trainer said he wanted me to handle this one, so i taugh him the lessons and everything you can feel that the spirit was there! After a couple days I gave him the baptismal invitation and he accepted! He said he felt an assurance in his prayers and he feels like this is what he needed to do. So i was super happy but then the next visit was kinda bad... We showed up and he was so upset because his father realized he wanted to be baptized and he freaked out and ripped up everything we gave him. The dad was a Buddhist and did not want us going anymore :/ things like that happen sometimes but i know that our heavenly father will work things out! Im getting used to the spanish! I know how to use Uested now! :) it was really hard for me at first! Thanksgiving was awesome! SO much food! Because theres a lot of enlgish speakers they celebrated Thanksgiving too! Enjoy the pictures! Talk to ya next week! :)

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