Monday, November 23, 2015

Que Cheque!!!!

Everyone says Cheque around here! Which means awesome, alright, or good. Oh! and Massiso! Thats how you know your cool! If you say, Eso es Massiso! haha! I´m still getting used to the culture down here but i love it! Also! Instead of pointing with your finger, people just point with their lips. Like theyre kissing the air, but theyre actually was wierd the first few times! But yeah I am having a great time and this week has been more of a missionary week. Ok, weell first ill start with a little bit about tegucigalpa and the life here. I am not gonna lie, i got LUCKY! Lucky that i got to serve in tegucigalpa my first area, everyone usually goes to the south, and the south is HOT! Everyone talks about the south being the hottest place ever, and its very poorrr, and lots of mountains to walk up. (But if you ask any missonary that has been there, they say that it was their favorite and if they can go back, they would want to) But yeah, being in the city makes life not as bad as it coulddd be. Elder Westberg and I have one of the biggest areas in the mission. It used to be a ZONE! Meaning, its so big that there used to be smaller assigned areas for missionaries. But thats alright, we love it! So yeah, our area is by far the Richest! Of course we have some poor places, but the majority of it is rich! So the cars are usually really nice and the houses are huge! For example, we have two beautiful Porches in our ward! that says alot for Honduras. And the elder and I usually have to decide whether the houses are apartments or one house, and its usually only one house! ;) Everytime I am in a vehicle, I am scared! The traffic here is worst i have EVER seen! They go wayyy to fast, stop wayyy to suddenly, and there are no driving rules around here, i have seen about 3 traffic jams in the same intersection already! (Its always funny to see them try to figure out getting out of it!lol) I would say that about 75% of the vehicles here are all Taxis! Always honking at us (I dont wave anymore!lol) The weather here is amazing! (Not as great as Guatamala though, they have AMAZING weather) But here is good too. Its always cloudy, so theres always a nice breeze so its about 75 when we walk around, but its annoying because sometimes it will SUDDENLY rain! Like, out of nowhere! Sometimes I forget my umbrella and... well yeah ill just stop there. Because this city is rich, alottt of the youth speak english. The bilingual school is fairly cheap though so the majority of the youth in general all know english, which i gotta hand to Honduras is pretty good! The food is amazing! I like the words of my companion, ´If the food doesnt ave an excessive about of sugar than it has an excessive about of fat!´Which is soo true... I think im going to get fat lol The ultimate Honduran food is what is called Baleadas. Its like a taco with a flour tortilla with beans, eggs, cheese, and big slice of butter. can taste the butter, like alot. But its good! And Saturday Javier fed us Mondongo! Ok, its like a soup, with cow stomach, banana, and vegestables. Its not as good as menudo because it doesnt have as much spices but its still good! Try making it sometime ;) Yesterday Hermana Fields fed us Salpicon. I think it was by far my favorite! Its like machaca con rice but with lots of lemon in it. It was sooo good! Well thats enoguh about Tegucs for now. One of my favorite experiences was at a service project we did last week. So we´re still new at that time right? So we figured by helping the ward out in the service project we will build a good realtionship. So we go and theyre completely fixing one of the members really old beat up house. Some people are painting, rebuilding, or working outside. Well being the kind of guy that i am, cough cough, i decided to work outside! Hardworking man you know ;) So i asked the guys what can i do, and they decided that I can TRY taking out the weeds. I didnt know what they meant by Try, its not that hard right? Just use a hoe to take them out. Well when i asked where the tool was, they kinda smirked and handed me a Machete! I thought it was a joke, like they just wanted to be entertained!lol but no, thats what they use! Its kind of hard how to explain how they use a machete for that but yeah they do! And i got good at it fast and we built a good relationship after they laught at me trying my first couple times!haha but yeah this ward is AMAZING! By companion is pretty cool! He is also District leader so im learning alot about that position and what is expected of missionaries. Which is a great experience for a new guy like me! We get along very well because we both like to work hard, and get things done! So with that being said, yeah, we work ALOT! even until the last 5 minutes of the day! He brought his iPod which is loaded with christmas music so thats always entertaining. He also brought P90X so we do that every morning! Kind of exhausting...but its awesome! I miss my gym and weights though!!!!! He also has a bunch of John Bytheway talks, but he also has Hank Smith talks. Which Bytheway, im sorry to say, is better than John. Look up his talks ! theyre so good! (And mom, really listen to one of his talks called Real Life, youll cry at the end;) and one called somethnig about 5 temptations killers) But yeah my companion and I are always laughing and having a good time and we´re pretty good at talking with people! As a missionary I have learned alot! I have officially had my ups and downs. We ALB alot and we usually have a lot of success with it. But for a couple days this week, we got nothing. Literally. No new lessions, no investigators, cancelled appointments,etc. That investigator i talked about last week, Nelson, was doing reallly good, but that it fell. He was so close! He was saying multiple times that this chuch is true and he KNOWS its true. He was on his way to baptism! He even argued with his parents who live en los estados that he WILL go to our church this sunday whether they like it or not, and that hes old enough to make his choices. So that takes guts and having faith. But then he talked with his abuelo, who is a evanglical pastor, he told him sooo many lies and stuff about mormons that he messed with his mind so much that now he wont even look at at the bom because of a video he watched on youtube which is false. I was so sad! But after lots of explaing it was no use, the only thing we can do is bare our tresitmony. And we felt the spirit so strong that i know he felt it! I just hope he prays again. It was a little depressing for me because it was my first experience with that. But i have a great trainer. He kept telling me not to give up. And I think it was viernes where we got 5 new lessons in, 4 new investigators, 3 desafios, and it was a good day completely! I learned that sometimes we will have bad days, but at the end of every tunnel there is always light, and lots of blessings de nuestro padre celestial. There is a LOT of experiences like this but I dont have time to stay tunes for next week :) Miss you guys! literally eveyone!!!!

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