Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bigger area!!

 Thats right.
 I know Im always talking about how big our area is (because yes, its huge!) and now it only got bigger! lol We have been working hard trying to work all over the place, we´re usually on divisions. But the other day in our correlation meeting we realized that there were people from another colony coming to our ward and we investigated and found that this certain colony is on the border line of our Mission boundaries and its always been a gray area about whos ward those people are supposed to go to. And because of this, there are alot of inactives there. So we talked to our Mission president to clarify whos area is that really. So he did the math, or science, or whatever, and then concluded that is our area. (Yay!) This colony alone is so big that they were going to make a branch there. So we went there the other day and my comp looked at me and said, Welcome to Honduras. This is like a whole nother world! This colony, Las Brizas, is literally a step into the South, except the blistering So we started talking around and the people are so amazing! We found members right about and this 10 year old girl gave willingly alot of her time to show us around and showing us where all of the inactives, members, and old investigators are! Just in the first 30 minutes we found about 3 future baptisms of people who have been ready, but the missionaries never baptized them. So im pretty excited about Las Brizas!
   Remember that story I told you guys about the lady who has been praying for a sign for her to return to church with her family, and then we just happened to knock on the door? Well yeah thats familia Tilguant, and we have been working a lot with them! They are soo into getting baptized! I love working with them its fun! Im not used to teaching children but im getting the hang of it. Oh and mom thanks for the little CTR rings, they LOVED them! Speaking of that, I finally recieved my packages! Thank you so much! Thanks for all of the food from everyone (my comp is pretty happy about the candy;) and thanks for the gym i got!lol and for the letter from the young women of the ward lol thanks for everything guys! I love the support! And thanks for all of the survival things that were added in the box lol at first i was really surprised why there were ropes, zip ties, tapes, etc but then my comp was saying that I will be using alottt of that in the South (dun, dun dunnn) Im getting the feeling im going there soon. Im pretty scared! haha that IS Honduras lol Where im at not is pretty much the best place in the mission lol Changes is the 3 of February, and im pretty sure im being changed because im ending my training then. BUT! Huge news. Sad news :( There is not going to be Changes Meetings anymore :( Changes Meetings are so fun and awesome because thats where you see all of the missionaries and get to see where everyone goes and stuff, now you just get a phone call and they tell you where to go i guess. But the president is stressing out about this because in Honduras its pretty dangerous to be traveling alone (which may be the case sometimes) So we´ll see what happens this change.
 Miss you guys!

Jamming out with my comp and a member. This is usually what our Sunday nights look like 
after our correlation meeting. Freddy has 3 guitars so we are always shredding together!! haha

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