Monday, February 1, 2016

3 Months!

  Hey guys! guess what? Well you probably guessed by now but I finally hit my 3 month mark!! woohoo! That means im all done with training and ready for the big boy stuff! haha Which also means that changes is coming up! But ill get into that later... This week was awesome! It all starts with Monday playing soccer at the canchas and having a blast with the Uyuca zone and making a bunch of new friends, and mejorando my soccer skills. Then after we went to Olanchos Ballads!
 Ill attach photos of these baleads because theyre HUGE! And they were soo good! Man im eating like a king here! :) 
And then Tuesday my comp Elder Carter got a call saying that he is up for his migration stuff, meaning we have to go to the Migration office so he can get his citizenship here. Usually the companion of whoever is going has to wait in the waiting area at the Mission Office, but my comp knows everyone and has connections and so I was able to go too! Man the Office elders are soo cool! I met one from Mesa AZ and another from Tennessee and Cali, we had alot of fun together! The best part of the whole trip was that we went out to eat after, where? Dennys! Thats right! I walked into Dennys and it even smelled like Dennys! Everything was just like the state´s Dennys except the language of the menu and some tipico plates that were on there too. I ordered a big fat juicy burger and it honestly, it was very states type of good. It made me very baggy because i remember all of the good times when my friends and I would go to Dennys late at night. Oh! And you know how in the States restuarants when its your birthday the workers ususally sing to you and clap their hands? Well not here. Thats too boring! haha At Dennys its was the ladys birthday and the workers went around the table and started singing right? But then the have a special dancer who grabs the girl by the hand and starts dancing with her, like for a whhille. I was shocked but the elders all said that was normal! haha We found our mission president in there too while we were eating so we had to be on our best bahavior...which is kind of hard sometimes! lol
 Anyways, So Sunday came around and guess who shows up? The Tilguant Family! woohoo! The whole family! It was awesome! (The mom is inactive, but all of the others are not members) And our ward is soo cool this is how it went down: So they show up, we greet them and they wanted to sit in the front row right? Sweet! Bishop stops whatever he was doing and goes and introduces himself. Then a whole bunch of others did the same. And we were worried that the opposite would happen! My comp was telling me we need to find people to sit with them but the members beat us to it! So we start Sacrement and it had incredible talks! One made the mother get teary eyed. Towards the end my comp and I were thinking how we were going to get the whole family into their correct classes and stuff. But the moment the closing prayer was finished the family got swarmed! Primary teachers and Young Womens teachers found the girls and too them all to their classes! It was awesome, mostly because it made our job easier! haha this isnt the first time we have investigators that come to church, but it is the first time a whole family has come! Ok, so this past sunday was the 5th sunday, that means the 3rd hour everyone was together and the Bishop wanted to give the class. FYI, our bishop just got called to be a Mission President in Texas! And everybody loves him here! So everyone is pretty bumbed out thats hes leaving. So the topic of the class was awesome! He shaved all of the members, or in other words, el nos machatio! (Meaning he scolded us, laid dont the law, told us how its done, you get the idea) He told everyone that just because hes leaving, doesnt mean they can slack off. Time to grow up and take care of ourselves. It was an INCREDIBLE talk! and it was perfect for the inactive mom! Man, so many things went right this sunday! We also always have members come up to us giving us references, or introducing us to kids that are ready to be baptized!
   So changes, Changes happen this Wednesday but since we dont have changes meetins anymore, they told us who are new comps (if we have changes) will be. And we finally know! Wow! Ok, just to recap, my last comp was Elder Westberg, he was DL, and when changes came he became Zone Leader! And now, my comp is Elder Carter, and now with these changes, he is going to Porvenir and is going to be Zone Leader too! I keep making everyone ZLs ;) But because my comp is leaving, that means im staying! Another 8 week change! Another two months in the cityyyy! And my new comp isssssss: (drumroll here) Elder Marin! Who is my grandpa! (Elder Marin trained my father, Elder Carter) So thats pretty cool! He is going to my second Nicaraguaian comp! This should be fun haha 
I havent met him yet but I will on Wednesday. OH! And we are finally recieving Hermanas to be in the Miraflores area! Finally! Ill let you guys know further details next week! 
I miss all of you guys!

This is part of our area! This shows what the city is like here. Oh! If you look at that left corner of the mountain in the back, you can see The Picacho! A status of Jesus that oversees the whole city pretty much! We're going there some time.

This is what Las Brizas is like. There are poor houses all around. But on weekend everyyonnne gathers around the center of this colonia and watches the soccer games!  It's honestly a lottt of fun being in this place, but its also reallly dangerous so we stay out at night.

 This is the Honduran famous Baleada! Look at the size of these things! Can you believe they only cost $3 each?

 They're not always this bug, but we ordered the Baleada Extrema, which has a homemade flour tortilla, beans, eggs and ham, carne asada, quesito, avocado, fried banano, and mantequilla! Mmmmm :)

Yesterday we ordered at Tipicos de la Costa and look at the size of this plate! I only ordered a pescado mediano and I got all of this!

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