Monday, March 7, 2016


Pues todo esta masiso aqui!
 Not much new, its been an ordinary week. Met a lot of new people, got some new investigators, lost some investigators, same ol same old.
 But probably the coolest thing about this week was this epic conversation I had with some guy while we were contacting, this is how it went: 
-Hola Hermano como esta! 
Bien bien, y tu?
-Pues bien, aqui no mas conociendo las personas, usted como se llama?
Si, como dice en Lukas 7:11. En la Biblia. No se recuerda verdad? Oh es por que Mormones no leen la biblia...
-Si hermano, cada mañana leemos la Biblia.
La Biblia! No el Libro de Jose Smith
-Ok bueno pues, Yo me llamo Elder Madero. Igual como dice en Hechos 10:39. Se recuerda? en la Biblia...
(His eyes were all big and surprised)
Then he starts laughing and gives me a high five, then he says hes an exmissionary messing with me haha That was fun. Lets see whats new.... not much, the weather is nice, nothing spectacular this week. P-day was a lot of fun with our zone! We played soccer and watched movies at the capilla. Then we went to Popeyes and it started pouring rain like ALOT! 
So we stayed there for a lonngg time, which is alright because its Pday haha but theyre all alot of fun!

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