Monday, March 28, 2016

Semana Santa

Well I am doing great!
 Last night was the night we knew if we had changes or not, and it turns out Im staying!!! woohoo! 
I love this area! And my new companion! We are working very well together and he is just a great guy, we´re helping each other out alot and ive already learned so much!
 The ward is pretty awesome too! We share the ward with two other missionaries, Elder Lujo and Alukubeze (an Elder coming in tomorrow, he is from my group in the CCM and hes from London!) Since we all know English we give free English classes every Saturday at 3! We have a great time doing that. 
Well this week has been pretty hard, due to the fact that its been Semana Santa! Ok so get this, this is Honduran Logic. Everyday of the 365 days in the year everyone complains about how extremely HOT it is in the South and how it always so horrible being there. But during Semana Santa, everybody goes to the south to burn and theyre super happy about it!! 
This area was completely DEAD! I have never seen a more abondoned colony than here during this week. It was dead, hot, and miserable. But we kept working, we talked to every single living human that we saw in the streets, and they were only a few lol. 
Picture like a zombie invasion and everybody died, and we´re searching for survivors (to give them salvation and eternal life of course;) . Bottom line is, it was a hard week. But we still saw miracles! We found a couple super positive investigators who are progressing really fast! We had an interesting experience Saturday night, we didnt realze because it was semana santa that the Villa Olympica hours would change, and they did. So we went into it at night to cut across it to go home, but by the time we made it to the front door, they already closed it. And so we hurried to get out of the back door where we came in and it was closed too! We were locked in! and we couldnt find the guardias anywhere! we were locked in there for a good 40 minutes trying to find the one guy that had the keys lol. I honestly thought we were going to get locked in there. Anyway, that was a funny experience, and probably the only experience. It was a dead week. But now I can appreciate people a little more, its really hard to contact when theres no one here, now that I know everyone is back in town, there are no excuses! Time to work!
P.S. Im so excited for General Conference this weekend!!!

Esperanza Zone loves taking pictures together! -Dont read the newspaper. Its always so negative and scary, it accidently got in the photo

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