Monday, March 21, 2016

Villa Olympica!

  Well i bet your all wondering how is the new area...    it is AMAZING! 
I am so happy here honestly! It was a realllly hard change leaving my first area, but now being here and getting used to it, I know it all happens for a reason. What happen was that the last companion of Elder Agren (My comp currently) was really bullying him and stuff, but then they had to have emergency changes, and so we did a switch, I went to Villa and he went to Miraflores with Elder Marin. Which Is sad for him because the elder that was here is going to reallly struggle with Marin hahaha We were great friends and all, but this elder cant keep i dont think with our pace of working! lol But anyway, So yeah, I am officially getting used to Area #2!
  So i am not far from Miraflores actually, maybe 10 minutes away.. so im still in the city! I got lucky! haha I arrived Monday, so i had to unpack and everything, not much of a PDay. but its alright! My comp is Elder Agren. He is from South Jordan Utah and is super cool! He is in Carter's group! He loves to joke around and have a good time so we instantly clicked! So monday night we got to work, and we visited some members. I was super excited! So we visited the first family who was going to give us dinner and at first they were really quite and stuf, but since i was new i wanted to get to know them and stuff and so i kept talking alot to them, they ended up opening up...alot! The mom at one point even sent her daughter to go buy banana soda (which is superr good!) and my comp just looked at me strangely, he says Wow... They changed alot! I said what do you mean... He says they were always really bitter towards missionaries, especially because of his last comp, this family has nevvver since the time he has been there bought anything for them for dinner or anything haha! So i dont know how but i got them to like me! lol The next day we visited the Stake Presidents family for dinner ( they live DIRECTLY in front of us, so yeah... we have a realllly good relationship with the Stake President! No big deal) haha So we vistied them my first time and I instantly got along with them! Theyre soo cool! The daughters served in Mexico so we 're always talking about how amazing mexican food is lol but yeah, the Stake President is always helping us out too! The best part... he has a picture of him sitting casually with ELDER UCHTDORF AND ELDER HOLLAND in his office!!! I know right!!  Well anyway, our apartment is really small, but it does the job, we have HOT water for once!!! woohoo! And I now have the amazing experience of washing my clothes! I finally learned how and its not bad at all! Once you start washing your clothes..idk, its wierd.. like... you start to bond and get attached more with your own clothes! lol 
  So the majority of people here are allllllllllll STUDENTS! There are some universities here and the main thing here is the Villa Olympica. Its like a hugge Recreational Center. So alll of our investigaotors (which are actually alot) are all students, mostly a bunch of geepers! haha but there are some that really progress really fast! We have some baptisms already planned out after Semana Santa! Oh yeah, btw we are in Semana Santa right now, the HOTTEST WEEK of all Honduras. so EVERYBODY travels because they have this week off, and they all got to the south to the beaches. But the wierd thing is that yesterday, a cold front hit, and its pouring rain right now! Everyone is freaking out because its supposed to be realllly hot! Everyone is happy!lol
  I am really happy too! I love my new area. I love the people here. I love the members already, and the ward is already attached to me. I love my new companion, we work well together. I am having the greatest time ever!
  Today for Pday we went to Picacho with my new zone! Theyre so awesome!! I was already really good friends with ZLs so i instantly got along with all of them! Especially one of the ZLs, Elder Reinoso, he is from Cuidad Juarez Mexico!! 
There is also Elder Lujo and Heramana Cook from Cali, i dont know there is so many awesome missionaries! haha Here are some pictures

                                                               I just had to take a selfie with Jesus! 

                                                      The Elders from the Esperanza zone!

                Elder Reinoso, Me, and Elder Lujo. My comp had a selfie stick and I realized its alot of fun! haha

                                                                        My new comp, Elder Agren!                                  

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