Sunday, March 20, 2016

Big Surprise!!!!!!!

Well its been a really good week.
The beginning of this change wasnt as good as it is now. My comp and I had some differences to settle, but I learned to handle it correctly. And now, wow! We`re great friends!! Now we are always having fun times and spiritual lessons. Well we`ve had a lot of investigators lately,and we`ve gotten alot better at bringing them to church, and of course the ward families get all excited and invite us for dinner haha i honestly cant express how much I love them! Hmm... whats new? Oh! So I came up with a new strategy for finding young investigators. So we were contacting right? 
And so we see some teenagers hanging out and kicking a soccer ball around.So we got to them, and we made a deal with them. If I can dribble the ball on their foot more than they can, we teach them a lesson.If we lose, we give them each a gift (foyetos). Haha so ive gotten pretty good and i felt confident,so i went first I did about 12 lol. The youngest one goes and he does, I kid you not, 140. What?! hahaha so we definately lost but it was fun, and they said they wanted to hear the message anyway :)
Well, i honestly cant even think of the other experiences that happen this week because i am really shocked. Yesterday was an amazing day, we finished our fast, had amazing lunch, and had amazing dinner with Family Mairena and the hermanas and it was so much fun! We got done and had amazing lessons with investigators, my comp and I were having the greatest time ever. Then its 9:17and we`re planning, and we recieve a phone call, its one of the APs saying that I have mini-changes. Its like emergency changes.A certain companionship didnt get along and so the President switches them out. And I got chosen. He said pack your things, be at the office tomorrow at 1. Your going to Villa Olympica and your new comp is Elder Agren. Wow... just like that, things can change. It was so unexpected. But of course im sad, really sad honestly because this area and ward isamazing, but im also happy to experience things in other areas. I barely had sleep lastnight due to packing so I had a lot of time to think, but i realized that I know that myHeavenly Father has a purpose for everything, and I will be guided and protected. I love the mission so much and im always learning so much! Ill let you know next week how the new area is! :)

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