Monday, April 11, 2016

General Conference / Sara

Well it finally happened! We baptized Sara!
 Sara is an investigator the elders found like a week before I got here and she is incredible! She has one of the strongest testimonies Ive seen that has been investigating the church. She is about 22 years old and studies at the universitity, and shes studies Phsycology, so she is super smart! All of her answers to our questions are always really intelligent and she will never lie to us or anything, the point is, is that when she says she wanted to get baptized....she WANTED to get baptized. You can tell that she knew that this is something she truly wanted to do and no one was going to make her change her mind. Even her whole family was against it, but now... her mom is even investigating! We had her baptism Sunday morning before conference and it was a great service! Very spiritual! The best part? When she bore her testimony! 
   Well anyway, I am doing great! My companion and I are getting along great! We are making a lot of progress here. But the next best part of this week was Generel Conference. Since the 4 missionaries in this ward are all gringos. we had a gringo room! (We left our investigators seated with members) So we watched conference in English. ( My second language ;) But man! Conference was amazing!! This is the first time I actually stayed awake for all the sessions haha and the first time I took notes for each talk, and man! It made a difference! Taking notes during conference really helps us to remember what we just learned and helps us apply what we learn as well. I cant decide which of all of the talks was the best. Some of my favorites were: The talk by Stephen W. Owen when he talked a lot about leadership. The main thing I learned from this talk is the the Greatest Leaders, are the Greatest Followers. Just like Jesus Christ. Man that hit my hard! I also liked Deiter F. Uchtdorfs talk in Priesthood Session that mentioned this one line that he said to the men looking for wifes.: If there werrrrre a perfect women out there, do you really think she would want Youuu? Ouch! Of course, everyone laughed here... and I couldnt stop cracking up! I really liked Thomas S Monson speaking as well, even though he didnt talk much, but his words were powerful! ´Choose the hard right, then the easy wrong´. I learned alot from Conference, and I hope all of you did as well. 
   Well whats new? There is not much new this week except for the bapism and conference. Changes was this week and our Zone changed up a little bit. We have a bunch of new people. One of which is someone Ive seen before. Elder McKee. Ok so for those who have wrestled in the Mohave Tournament know of the two best schools that always compete there, Springville and Shadow Ridge. And Elder McKee wrestled at 132lbs like me, and he won pretty much every year! He wrestles for Nevada though so that is the only time I ve seen him. But its really funny because now we are good friends, and back then we had NO idea that one day we would be in the same district in a foreign land as missionaries. 
Its funny sometimes how things work out.  
Well Im doing great guys! Dont worry about me! :) 

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