Monday, April 18, 2016


Hey guys! 
Well there is not much new this week! We're still working hard like always!
We are finding a bunch of new investigators! This area is pretty awesome! There are a lot of cool experiences here and there but ill just write a couple, and one of my favorite ones was when we went on divisions. Ok, to start off, this week we met a bunch of people right? Specifically a guy in our residential where we live who was blasting some Pink Floyd one day, and i told my comp that we need to go back some other day and contact him, i didnt want to do there and then because he was probably on something since hes listening to Pink Floyd!! haha jk. So anyway, i end up talking to him one day and he completely rejects us saying he knows everything about us already and is not interested. Well fair enough. Ni modo. I didnt really think of him again. Then early the day of divisions we were walking through the Villa Olimpica and we see this guy skating around with his friend, I remember him because I commented his cool shirt to my companion. Ok so now...we go on divisons at Lujos and Akubeze's area. So I went on divisions with Elder Akubeze from London. He is soo cool! He is also from my CCM group! Ok so anyway, he says we are going to a cita to a really positive new investigator. Ok so im excited! So we go and he is awesome! My companion is doing alot of the talking, which is fine because well its better that the investigator gets attached to him because hes in his area. 10 minutes into the lesson... people walk into the house. 3 guys. The guy I contacted that didnt want anything, and the 2 skater guys!! And it turns out they are all like best friends. And so they are super distracting in the beginning, and my companion just kind of freezes...but i was so excited!! Because i knew that it was not a coincidence that at the very moment that I was at that house, these guys from myyy area, who are like 15 minutes away, show up here. So i said, Wellll... Showtime. And i reach in my bag and take out my scriptures and just start teaching. I did a really good job at controling the situation because these guys were suppperr chistosos and distracting. But they ended up liking us and asking a lot of good questions! That was fun!
 The rest of the day of divisions was fun! We stayed the night with them and the next day we had a service project. We helped some inactives shovel a bunch of dirt! Thanks to my previous job fencing with my uncles, i shoveled away!! haha That was fun! So long story short, we finish divisions and we are on our way home. The other elders are with us to because we were on our way to lunch, then correlation in my area. but on our way there we had to pass some portones of the Villa. And we looked in and saw a bunch of people!! like alott of youth! And someone said lets go check out whats going on. But we were really hungry so we said nahhh, and as we were leaving the enterance I hear someone yell 'Elderrrr!!!' And i look over and i see the Presidente Torres  from Miraflores!!! I couldnt believe it! He saw me from far away and recognized me! haha and so i ran over to him and who did I see behind him? all of the Miraflores youth!!! we were all soo happy to see each other!! it turns out that they were doing a multistake youth competition thing at the Villa and at my ward. So it was supperr nice seeing them again!! 
Hmmm.. what else... Well we have this investigator who is really progressing! She is Glenis and she is awesome! We are planning the baptism this weekend! :) Last saturday we had a cita with her and so we stop by, and she said she couldnt attend us :( Why? because she was trying to get everything ready for sunday to keep the sabbath day holy!! hahaha we were sad, but also really happy! And so she went church, and we were supposeddd to have a cita at 3 but she cancelled us againnnn... something about she had to go to a fireside or something? Idk hahah jk, she is so positive!! 
Ohh! Last night we were walking around contacting, and this car goes by and on top of the trunk we see two little kids holding on! And then they jump off and then after a while, we see them jump onto another car secretly and go for a ride!! WHAT?!? those kids are crazy!!! My companion was not surprised at all.... thats Honduras! 

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