Monday, April 25, 2016


  Well this had been a great week! We´ve been working hard, especially with Glenis! She is a 21 year old student who loves the church! We have been teaching her a bunch and she understands all of it! We were really worried the fecha would fall because a lot of things were getting in the way. For example, the days that we were supposed to go and interview her and stuff, she was no where to be found. And sometimes wouldnt answer her phone. It was really stressful towards the last couple days before her baptism. But we eventually made it work! She was super excited! And so we planned the baptism at 12 on Saturday. It was the only time that people would be able to make it! And so Friday night we go to the capilla to fill up on the font...and yes, just as you expected.......water came out! For about 2 minutes, and then it just stopped. We didnt know what to do so we called around, and yes, just as you expected....they answered. But had no answers! Bishop said to just wait until the morning and see what happens. If you know me, than you know how easily I stress out abot this kind of stuff. And so we said a bunch of prayers that night and morning. And in the morning we go to the capilla, and yup, no water! We keep calling, but this time, no one answers! The good thing is that there were some relief society people cleaning the church, well trying to... they couldnt without water! And so they are calling everyone as well! The relieft society president was calling everyone on speaker, and you can just keep hearing the phone ring, but then.. no answer. Over and over again. We were just sitting in church waiting for an answer, we were already planning on calling everyone and changing the day of the baptism, or going to another church to baptize. We were worried because it was already 11! But then, finally someone answers! and he rushes over and fixed the water pump. WHAT A MIRACLE! Now its 11:30 and we´re filling up the font! Just on time too, becasue people start showing up. But it was a really spiritual service! Glenis wanted me to baptize her and it all came out smoothly! She is one of my favorite converts so far! You can tell that this is something that she truly wanted to do!
  Everything is going well! We had a bunch of investigators come to church and they loved it! For example, one of Rocio´s brothers has already came twice, and we thought he was going to be one of those brothers that keeps us from teaching their sister, but in fact, he is the one going! haha I guess you never know who you´re realllly teaching. This ward is awesome and they always willing to help us! I feel right at home.

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