Monday, April 11, 2016

Working hard!

 Well this has been a great week!
 We´ve been working hard! Ill tell you why... The other day my companion and I were looking through our old agendas and comparing them. At first it was funny to see his first couple agendas almost empy right? he had really bad trainers who didnt do much. But as we went on and on, the rest of the agendas werent too great. My other companions have all been district leaders and are now ZLs so ive adapted to their mentality. And Ive learned how the numbers each day should look on an agenda. And I was not satisfied with the datos. Looking back, ive learned that my trainers were truly AMAZING! and ive learned so much from them! Mostly how to work hard! My companion didnt really get that in the beginning, but he is a hard worker. And so after looking at all of the agendas, i am now determined to make a change. I dont want him to look back at the agendas with other companions and see low datos with Elder Madero, I want him and everyone else to say, ´wow, this is a really good looing agenda! You guys worked hard!´ And so this week, we did our absolute best to lograr todos nuestro metas! And we had a lot of success! We met a lot of great people and investigators! And so im going to do my best to keep this going. 
   The area is totally awesome! Last satuday a concert came to Villa Olimpica and no matter how far you get from the area, you can hear the music. Which got really annoying when we were contacting and teaching. I didnt recognize the artist, it was some cristian genre guy. Put the last concert was Marco Antonio Solis, and the time before that was Maná! So im hoping next time it will be someone actually good again! haha But this week we met a bunch of great people! For example, we met this guy, Felipe, actually he contacted usss. He asks us if the church had some drug rehab group, and well we told him we would do some research, but if it were okay if we can stop by his house sometime. He agreed, and then we stopped by a few days later. It turns how that he had a really hard life recently, but because of a near death experience, he changed his life around. He was a previous investigator who was about to get baptized, but then didnt. But now he willing to give it another shot. He actually already had a tesitimony but we´re going to teach everything again. He came to church this sunday and he loved it! He is a really scary looking guy actually, but with a BIG heart! And all of the members did their part to help feel at home and like family. We found another investigator one day contacting, and since we are representatives of Jesus Christ, we always offer to serve people as well. And I was contacting this joven at her doorstep and she seemed really worried, so i asked if there was anything that we can help her with, and after some consideration, she admitted that she had a rat in her kitchen and shes really afraid of it and cant get it out. And so we helped her! My comp was a little scared as well and so I had to do the best I can to be the macho guy and get rid of the poor innocent rodent. We eventually trapped it, and then we taught her! That was a really funny experience. We also met this joven who let us into her house to teach her, she seemed really interested and so we were really excited to throw down some doctrine! But then 5 minutes into the lesson.... three of her really catholic brothers sat around her and started to try to intimate us. It was funny because my comp and I just smiled at each other and said ´showtime´. (we didnt realllly say that, but we thought it)haha and so even with them trying to contend with us, we had a really spiritual lesson! And we have another cita with them soon, mostly to talk with the brothers! haha And well there are so many funny contacting stories that we have but so little time to write all of it. But heres another one! Rewind back to Miraflores... Elder Marin and I were contacting and we found this super postive investigator! he was super pilas and all but the problem is that he can never get to church because of his job, he has really bad hours. And so we kept talking to him about this, trying to make him talk to his boss to change his hours so that he doesnt work on sundays! but he says well theres only like 3 people who work in the kitchen, and the other guys dont want to work on sundays, so i have to. (he works at Little Ceasars) and so We were contacting here and we found a member on accident! She is super awesome! but she is having some problems with her husband, the husband doesnt like going to church and so he doesnt allow her to go to church either. And so we were talking to her about him a little bit more trying to get to know him, and shes well he works at Central making pizzas and has to work alot due to the short staff. And instantly I rememberd our previous investigator from MF! And i ask her, wait, does he work at Little Ceasars? Yes. Is there only like 3 chefs in the kitchen? And does he ask for sundays off? 
Yes as well! DANG IT!! Its this guy´s fault that we couldnt baptize our other investigator!!!! hahahaha that was really funny, and i realized that Honduras is pretty small lol Well thats it for this week! 
Stay Tuned :)

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