Monday, May 2, 2016

6 Months / Zone Conference / Valle De Angeles

   Well as you can see from the title, alot has happened this week, and i will try my best to summarize.
Well I finally have 6 months!! I cant believe it! Time has literally flew by, I never thought Id say that because in the beginning of my mission, I thought the mission would never end lol
 I love the mission! I love my area, I love my companions, I love the work, I love everything!
I am so happy I am here.
If anyone ever asks, Hows is Julian doing? All you need to say is, Happy.
I have learned so much already and I owe it all to my companions, my mission president, and most of all, my Heavenly Father. Im grateful for all that He has done for me. I love helping people come unto Him, as well as serving others.
There is tradition for when you reach 6 months, you burn a tie. (you burn a shirt when you have a year) And so of course I was super excited to burn a tie! haha and you can also see in the photo what my area is like, as well as some part of the actual villa olimpica.

This week we had Zone Conference!! Each change we either have Interviews with President or we have a conference where all of the zones gather around and we learn a bunch of stuff lol.
 And it was so awesome!! Usually at these conferences it is a time where some missionaries, like the Presidents Assistant´s and some other chosen missionaries, teach us about a certain topic. And I learned alot! But first, heres my favorite part. Ok wait, first I need to give a background story kind of Before I came out on the mission I was of course curious on how the mission is so I started reading different blogs from missionaries that are this mission. And most of them didnt write much, but there was this one blog that I followed every week, And i started from the beginning of his mission and im pretty sure i read all of it. lol this guy was my hero becasue you can tell he was a great missionary! Well at this particular conference, he played a major role! He gave us an amazing class, sang a song with my dad, Elder Westberg, and helped the President sometimes. He is Elder Huff. And the crazy part is that we were instantly great friends! I never thought, before the mission, that we would ever be as good as friends as we are now, its just so wierd. lol God works in mysterious ways. Also at this conference I got to see my other comps, Elder Westberg and Elder Marin. I wanted to take pictures with them because i didnt really take many pictures with them before.

Elder Huff

Elder Westberg

Elder Marin

The funnest thing about Zone Conference is that as soon as it was over, it started raining... HARD! And so it was so much running in rain that was so falling extremely hard! We were literally soaked in 5 seconds. But we had to. You know how they say you shouldn't  run in a lightning storm? well was fun! We were completely soaked by the time we ran all the way down the mountain and into the bus. :)

For P-day today we went to Valle de Angeles! Its like going to Picacho, but better. Its like an hour away from the cuidad and its like a forest. We had to walk alot and it was fun, the final destination was a pretty cool waterfall! We took alottt of pictures here! Its always alot of fun hanging out with the zone.

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