Monday, May 16, 2016


Well this was a pretty great week! 
The highlight of the week was probably David Turner´s party! Who David Turner? Ok. David is our gringo in the ward (theres always at least one lol) And he is awesome! He is from Utah and lives hear with his family because he works for the Embassy. He gives us dinner every sunday night. (Actually, one fast sundays... for dinner he gives us breakfast... get it? Break-fassst!lol) anyway... he is awesome! He helps us sooo much with our gospel principles class because he does a greaaattt job at hermanando all of our investigaros and recent converts! But now he is leaving back to the states :(
 and he knows that everyone is going to miss him and so he had a party for the gospel principles class! Like a farewell. 
We showed up for dinner and we saw what a success it was!! It made me soo baggy because it reminded me of the parties that we used to have back in AZ.
As far as the work goes, its going! We are working hard and finding new people everyday. We have about 10 investigators progressing now! Theyre so awesome! I think our next fijo baptism will be next week! How exciting. Its wierd because after teaching people for so long, and opening up to them, and them to us, you cant help but get attached. Such as, it is honestly heartbreaking when they dont go to church, or dont read, stuff like that. But I know we just have to do our best and keep praying for them. 
Oh!! So this was awesome! So my area is the Villa Olimpica right? Its a very popular place in Teguz. And so anyway, one day we were walking through (because its a shortcut) and out of nowhere I see someone familiar, I see Jose Luis´s girlfriend! (Miraflores mission leader) And all I say is ´Where is he?!´ She laughs and says the In the Gym! And so we run there and we see him there! Not only was he there, but also Chad Hansen (the gringo in Miraflores, see, theres at least a gringo in every ward!lol) But it was honestly soooo nice to see them again! It was funny because Chad is HUGE! But I know that he used to go to a different gym, and so I asked him why he switched gym. He stared at his hands and said ´ohh its because they ran out of, out of...´    He forgot what he was going to say, he meant to say chalk... but i say ´Weights?´ hahah! that was really funny, because he is huge i figured he lifted all of the weights in the whole gym already lol had to go to a different one! haha sorry, that is my julian humor! xD 
The other day after contacting a bunch we took a little break and we bought ChocoBananos, like a frozen banana dipped in chocolate on a stick. But on accident, my stick broke and the banana fell... I was really, really sad because it was so good. And so I go back to the lady and told her, HOPEFULLY she would be nice enough to give me another one right? So she came out and I told her but I dont know if she misunderstood me or what but she came back out with a NAPKIN! Like what?! I didnt say anything, I just said gracias. My comp says it was her way of saying ´Awww thats too bad, heres a napkin to wipe away your tears!´hahaha it was sad lol
Well today we went to Picacho.... AGAIN! It was fun! We have a bunch of new people in our zone and it is alot more united! Including an elder from Peoria! He is awesome! we are always talking about how great Arizona is!! haha
 We played soccer after and it was awesome because two other zones were there (which wasnt supposed to happen lol) but we all showed up on accident. 
Ill attach some photos. 


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