Monday, May 30, 2016


I have SEVEN months now!!!
 I cant believe how fast the time is going!! I am having the greatest time ever! I am so grateful that I am here! And i know i am supposed to be here with all of my heart.
 Sometimes I am teaching and I say something, a personal experience or something, and the investigator has a change of heart, its times like that really remind me that there are certain prepared people that I am supposed to find.
 You may be wondering why the title of this post is Carmen, ha? well its because we baptized Carmen!!!!!!
Carmen is soo awesome! Heres the story: A few weeks ago we were contacting and found this person in a house by the Villa, really positive guy, and so we taught him and all, really cool dude. When we went back a couple days later for a cita we had, he wasnt there...but someone else was! So we teach her! Also really positive. Next time we went for the cita, looking for two investigators there, guess what? Exactly... couldnt find them! But someone elssssse answered the door, she was really quiet and shy, but she let us in because she wanted to be nice. A 25 year college student. Her name was Carmen! The first cita was alright, didnt show tooo much interest but she let us come back. When we went back (mostly looking for the first two investigators) they werent there, but Carmen was, so we taught her again... this time she saw some interest! She even went to church! And from there.... Wow! She progressed soo much! Shes been to church a bunch and she loves it! And now, on May 28th (My 7th month mark) She got baptized!! It was a really good service! Everything worked out! I learned alot from this experience, mostly that you never know which people are prepared, you just need to be willing to talk to everyone. Theres a line that my Mission President said that I loved: There are Prepared People for Prepared Missionaries.

This week was an interesting week for soccer! It was the Champions League championship and the championships for the Mexican league! Walking through the streets and all you see are green screens from all the soccer!haha which make it really hard to contact lol But here is an example. This is the 28 de Marzo (name of the colony), they have a TV screen outside for the public! Arent these people nice? Like this huge colony is really united, but also the most dangerous area we have. It was kind of sketchy taking this picture lol I wanted to take it without anyone noticing... but that awkward moment whent he flash is on and EVERYBODY notices! hahaha

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