Monday, June 6, 2016

Best Convert Ever!

This has been an incredible week! Super spiritual!
 I have a couple stories about some investigators that I love:
Okay to start, I talk about how I found these investigators... The other day we were walking around, actually walking to a cita that we had, but I looked over to my right and I see these two girls who were taking turns carrying a 5 gal jug of water and they were struggling, so I offered to help and they said sure! So i grabbed the water and took it to their house, and contacing them on the way. It turns out they are both super positive! Jennifer´s family is already Mormon except for her, so she already knows ALOT! Her friend, Maria, knows nothing about the church but is really interested. She even accepted to go to Church, and it was awesome! Heres the cool part... We arrived a little early, so we were sitting down in the sacrement room waiting for more members to show up, and we were thinking, who could be a good fit for her? But then, the Elders from Prados area show up with their investigators, and one of their investigators who is getting baptized soon sees Maria and yells ¨Mariaaaa!!¨It turns out, they are classmates! And really good friends! So they had a great time together and she showed her around and everything! So Maria lovvves church now! Then at 3 we had a cita with them, and it was one of the most spirutual lessons ive had, she can truly feel the testimonies we gave. And It all started because we helped them carry a jug of water. :)
Next story is about Kendy. We found Kendy one day when we were contacting... we knock at her door and she let us in, we talked to her and stuff and taught her, she was really interested. She completely understood the Restauration lesson, todo tenia sentido for her. Then we set up another cita with her, and we taught two more lessons with members. She loved it all! But then we taught about the Evangelio de Jesucristo and she didnt really like the idea of getting baptized again (which is really common) and we explained authority with her and stuff but then it was like 9:20 and we hadd to leave. We can tell she was a little molestada but we couldnt do much for now. We set up another appointment and when we went she tried to drop us lol she gave us the whole line about how busy she is with studying and work and stuff. So we respected that (we know what she meant to say) so we didnt go for about a week, until saturday night I told my comp lets go look for our investigators to see if they are going to church, one of which included Kendy. So we knock on her door, her prima answers and says Oh! She is at the pulperia, she´ll be right back. (she didnt know that kendy tried to drop us lol) so we go in and wait for Kendy...and then she came! And she had the ´how did you get in look´haha, but she was totally cool about it! She sat down and we started talking, we said we wanted to compartir a message and she said Sure I guess... we asked who she would like to give the opening prayer and she said I dont care, whoever. We can tell she is not too happy at all, she acted different towards us. but actually it was a very spiritual lesson as well, because we mostly just talked to her and testified, and she actually opened up to us saying stuff like ´Im a little confused about what you guys taught last time, and I dont know what to think, but then I think about the other things you guys teach and if that stuff makes sense Im sure this does too´ and she said she wouldnt mind at all if we continue teaching her again. I am so happy that we didnt lose her! You get to the point where you love your investigators and want the best for them, and you know that the best thing you can give them is this gospel. :) 
Which brings me to the next story! Sunday we had a Noche De Hogar with some recent converts and we invited Carmen (who we just baptized) and she accepted to go. You guys will Not believe the change in her. I cant express that enough!!!! When we first met her, she said almost less than 10 words... she was really quiet and shy, not with the happiest expressions on her face. She was still a great person though of course! But every since the baptism, she is COMPLETELY different! She looks like a very happy person, always jokes around with us, and talks with other members that she doesnt even know. So at the NDH they decided to do like a testimony meeting since it was the first sunday of the month and we thought it was a great idea! We started and broke the ice, then everyone else went. We thought Carmen would be a little hesitate right? because she is pretty shy. but nope! She wasnt even the last one! This is the first time she really bore her testimony and it nearly brought tears to my eyes, to all of our eyes. This is kind of how her testimony went: ´Before, I felt like there has always been something missing in my life. I even told my friends that I wanted to have a pretty relationship with God, (but she didnt want to go to her previous church because she has gone her whole life because she was obligated by her parents). And I was going through a really hard time, pretty despressed. Until Semana Santa came, and these two elders knocked on my door, everything changed. The more they taught me, the better I felt. This church has definately changed my life.´ And she stopped because she started crying completely. Its really hard as a missionary not being able to hug people because I just wanted to give her a huge hug! I love the investigators and converts Ive had, but definately Carmen is a true convert! I know she will neverrr fall away! Times like these helps me realize that im not just teaching lessons, we as missionaries are changing lives and saving souls.
This week I went to emigration!! Remember when I went with Elder Carter, well he had like 16 months barely getting his residence, I only 7 months and im getting mine! haha So that was alottt of fun! Then we went to Johnny Rockets after that and wow! I felt like I was back in the states! :´) hahaha 
Today for P-Day we went back to Valle de Angeles and it was a great time!

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