Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Thats right!
 We have changes, Wednesday I have to pick up my new companion. He is Elder Espinoza from Peru!
 Ive done divisions with him before and he such an awesome guy! I am really excited! The university is still taken because of all the riots and protests, so everybody is out on vacation to their pueblos. 
Oh! My ward mission leader is Jimmy, and he is sucha goof ball as you can tell, and he served his mission in Mexico! We are always talking about how much we love Mexican food! haha and I decided to do a surprise for correlation, so I bought a couple mangos and made mangoneadas! He was soo happy to try them again! Well, other than than theres not much new. More next week! :)

Oh! And check this out! I finally got on camera! This is how the bicyclist travel around! haha why pedal when you can get a free ride? This is Completely normal for us Hondureños ;)

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