Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Having a great time!

I truly am having a great time!
 My new companion is Elder Espinoza from Peru and he is great guy! Super humble and gets along with everybody! Everybody loves him! We are always having a great time together as well! He just came from a little pueblo from the south called Langue so he is super happy to be back in the city and so we are working hard here! We are in the stake Esperanza and this stake is progressing alot compared to the mission. We´ve recieved a bunch of information from  our President about the new stake plan, which has to do with working with the members a lot. We are supposed to have 3 notes de hogar a week and its been working! This is the first stake to try itm, we are kind of like the experiment, if all works out, the rest of the mission will follow this plan as well! 
The members are getting more animated working with us and of course we love it too! 
The work is going great! Not much new this week, just my new companion! :)

Guess who went home?? Elder Westberg and Marin! Next change Agren and Carter are leaving too! 

Oh! The other day we went to the pulperia and this dog attended us...

Reunited with Elder Carter! Hes back in Teguzzz!

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