Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!!

Well its 4th of July today! 
Everybody is celebrating!!! just kidding...Only the gringo missionaries lol. We celebrated as a zone, we went to the Stake Presidents house (my neighbor) and has a great time there! Then we went to Chili´s! We had pretty good burgers! :) Anyway, not much to report on this week! Its been kind of hard because their is literally no one left here, all of the students left because of all of the riots from the university. But thats alright, we are still looking and trying to do the best we can.
 So we started working with the colonies where there isnt so many students, like the 28 de Marzo. Its like the ghetto part of our area, but honestly, its one of my favorites! Yeah, its really dangerous, so its best to not be there at night. But the people are super awesome! Really humble and actually receive us. We heard there are alot of inactives so we´ve been working hard there looking for them, and i guess people are noticing we are showing our face there more often. For example, the other day we were walking through there and a joven talks to us. So first, there isnt many youth in this ward, but there is always that alpha wolf youth right? Well this guy is 18 and he is super ´cool´. And so mostly all of the guys look up to him, but maybe he isnt the best example. But anyway, All of this time I was with Agren he never talked to us, but this day he did, and he kind of opened up to us and asked when we are going to visit him and his family, so we made a cita because I could see it in his eye that he wanted help. So we visited yesterday and one of his friends were there, who is also a member, and we talked to him and stuff and then the mission got brought up. Whether he is going to serve a mission or not. When you meet him you´ll probably think that he is ´too cool´for the mission, but honestly he does have desires to go, but its kind of hard for him. So we committed to help him, and then he left the room for a little bit and he came back with his empty mission papers, and he said ´Hoy voy a empesar a llenarlos.´ We were´nt really expecting that, but it was awesome, also because right after that his friend made little jokes like Yeah Whatever, your not gonna go, stuff like that,but he didnt care. We motivated him to work towards that goal and Im sure he will go! We really had to let him know how much the Mission blesses us, and does not bring us down. For example, most people (Like I did at one point) thought well, I currently have a job, friends, education, money, life is good, if i go on a mission i will lose all of that. But we made it clear that it is not like that! I look back at the Julian from before and sometimes I even cringe. I cant believe that was me! I feel like the mission so far has helped me x10 more than anything else! The mission does not bring us down at all! And so he knew we were telling the truth. He even came out worked with us the rest of the day, his friend was really surprised. But he was kind of like, well if hes doing it, then I guess I should probably start working on the mission papers too. So we are dedicated to help them, because if we help them be motivated in the obra misional, it will help us find new investigators and inactives, as well as helping them. Its a win win! haha I love the mission so much! I wish EVERYONE will just go! Its the best decision Ive ever made!

I love this picture.

My new companion, Elder Espinoza

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