Monday, July 11, 2016

Service Project!

Well its been a great week! 
The Univserity is still taken so that really sucks for us, I attached some pictures of how the Univserity looks while its taken lol. But yeah, not much new this week. Probably just the service project that we had! So, like I said last week we`ve been working in the 28 de Marzo lately and we love it!
We have some recent converts that live in the downtown area of the colony, they own a pulperia there (a little tiendita) and well there is road that goes intersects the main road there, and it was always a dirt road, but lately theyve been working on paving it. And they finally did it! Well, we figured that one of the best ways that we can help earn the trust of the members is letting them see that we are literally wanting to work. And so we just `happened` to show up when the mom (owner of the pulp, and kind of the jefe of the area) needed help. We know it was no coincidence. She told us later that her sons were not willing to help, as well as some of the people from the colony. And so we were walking and we see her shoveling! And I run up and take the shovel from her and start shoveling! She was really happy and relieved haha. 
So we had to shovel a huge pile of dirt and move huge bricks that were going to lay the foundation of the road pretty much. Honestly, I was having a greatttt time! Using that energy and certain muscles again brought me alot of happiness! haha
 I remembered the days working at my aunts fencing company, I knew all of that digging will come in handy one day! 
Well like I said, that area is really high trafficated. From the picture you cant see the main road, but its on the other side of the dirt pile to the right. And as we were shoveling and working, a lot of people were walking and driving by making funny (sometimes rude) comments about us haha which is truly nothing new! But we also received a lot of compliments. Mostly just people walking by and saying Elderesss! and they give us a smile and a thumbs up. 
The family of the pulp were really happy for the help! Well everyone ended up happy. We stopped by the next day and they were pretty much done, as you can see from the picture. But that is probably the most exciting thing of the week.
 Today for Pday we played soccer at the canchas with the Teguz zone, lots of fun as well!

The University

 The riots from the university

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