Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I`m finally in Honduras!

I`m finally in Honduras? 
You must be confused... well I guess i`ll start explaining myself. Last week I didnt write to the blog as you can tell, I wasn`t feeling good at all. But now I regret it because I have to catch up a bunch lol. Well I am having a greatttt time with elder Espinoza! He is such a great guy! We`ve been working a bunch with the members lately because of the Stake Plan. And its been a success! We`ve gained the trust of the members! Well its sad that most of our most positive investigators are gone, and not coming back until September because of vacations now. I remember last week emailing my mom saying `I dont want to be in this area anymore if all of our investigators and half of the population here are going to be gone until septmeber...` Well anywayyy... This week we had Zone Conference and we went to the Temple! They were both super awesome! Especially the Temple trip! :) The Honduras temple is so beautiful inside! 
Lets take an intermediate pause... do you guys remember how I came here to this area in the first place? Emergency Changes. One night I got a random phone call saying I need to pack my things, I need to be at the office in the morning, I am going to the Villa Olimpica because the elders there are having problems with each other.  Ok lets resume...
Last monday, P-day, rolls around. And the P-day activity got cancelled, so we had time to go to Central and shop for things. I do not know why, but I randomly felt like I needed to buy shoes. I even kept telling the Prados elders, I need sturdy South shoes, that can withstand mountains and heat. They teased me about it, also because changes isnt until another 3 weeks at that time, why did i need shoes then? But I still bought them, Not knowing why. Well I also wanted to print some pictures out, pictures from emails. But I also felt like I should print out pictures of me to give out for when I leave some day. My companion said Why are you already printing those out? You may even stay another change! I said Yeah, your right. I dont know, I might as well now that I am here. I didnt even feel like I should buy groceries for the week. Well the last couple nights we`ve been having some of the greatest times with the members, mostly with Family Home Evenings. We even started doing NDHs with some of the YSA to get them animated with the obra misional, so they invite their friends to activities and its been working! Well, anyway, we were supper happy! I fell asleep Monday night, woke up, and immediately receieved a phone call from `AP Rosario` (Remember Elder Rosario? Look back at the march time blog posts around there. lol) Anyway, he says, pack your things! You are going to THE SOUTH! Emergency changes again! My new companion will be Elder Saucedo! How did I feel? Superrrr Excittteddd!! Finally! Everybody always talks about the south area. How hot it is, how the people are, the food, the crazy adventures, the pueblos, and now I get to experience that! What sucks was that it is my second emergency changes! I havent gone to a new area normally yet lol I guess I am President`s first responder when things suddenly happen lol. Thats fine! :) Saying goodbye was soooo sad! Sadder than my first area honestly. Ive grow so close to the people in this area! I took a lott of pictures!! And then, well time to get on the South bus! the South bus is a whole nother story!! I got on and it was steaming hot already...and it was fresco outside lol so that didnt make sense! The trip is about 3 hours. Enough time for a good nap right? wrong! The whole bus ride everybody is praying! (well mostly me and my comp) I thought we were going to crash soo many times! Its a two lane road, and the bus driver thinks he fits anywherrre and he thinks its a good idea to pass cars one blind curves! haha it was sketchy but still a lot of fun! So we made it! Once you get off the bus, you can feel the heat smack you in the face! The first days heat was pretty bad, I wasnt used to heat anymore! But now I am, now its not even that bad! It honestly reminds me soo much of Arizona heat, except its more humid here, which I hate! But anyway, my new area is in Las Unidas. Its like 10km before the Choluteca bridge. The ward is about 6km away, so the ward used to be divided in two different missionary areas. But now they are divided. Now there is a ward and small group. Guess where I am? THats right! The grupo!! I was soo happy! I went from having two of the most powerful wards in the mission (Miraflores and Villa, with about 180+ asistencia) to this new group, last sunday we had 22 people at church! We as missionaries have to do everything pretty much!! I love it!! My new companion is Elder Saucedo. He is from Columbia! He is supperr awesome! Its funny because Las Unidas is also called Mini-Columbia, because it is really dangerous and they make and sell a lot of drugs here, thats what it is known for. The area is like a small pueblo, really poor. With nothing. No stores, no traffic, just a small school, a couple billares every couple blocks. little tiny stores around...and well, thats about it
Complete change to where ive been my whole mission! I love it here! I am not a city boy! My roots are from a small town! haha I truly feel like I am in Honduras now!! Well next week I will talk more about the area, and how the people area, and the kinds of things we eat, stuff like that.
I love it here :)

My CCM group at Zone Conference!

The last time I`ll be on this street. In the back, to my right is our apartments, and to the left is the Stake President`s family. I`ll miss them a bunch!!

I took a lot of goodbye pictures with members, but this one is my favorite! This is the dog that would always attend us at the pulperia! haha I`ll miss you Rogelio!

My last Family Home Evening was with Jimmy, our ward mission leader. Great ending to a great 4 and half months here!

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