Monday, August 1, 2016

Las Unidas!

I love it here! Las Unidas is an awesome place! 
It is such a huge change from where I have been this whole time in my mission, but i absolutely love it! Its not that I am suffering here, but my life is harder here. And thats why I like it. The people are alot more different, alot more humble and loving! The members and I got along really fast, and they are so willing to help us! Well, I guess I`ll start with our house. We are actually in a house, not in an apartment like I have been. Its not that small, Its really comfortable. We have running water every morning, we have a pila, electricity, and a fan. What else can we ask for? haha! There are alot of places down here that dont have that stuff. This house had a reputation for getting broken in alot by robbers not too long ago. But its all fixed now, we have more security. The area is not that big, and mountanous. Well, mostly just steep hills. The weather? One word: HOT. But it honestly reminds me of Arizona alottt, except for the humidity. I had to get used to teaching lessons while continously sweating. The houses are alot more seperated than in the city (obviously) and its funny because I also had to get used to practically walking into their house when we contact. Since the doors (a curtain) are always open (because  of the heat) we walk into the patio and to their door steps, and contact from there, with our heads poking into their house pretty much! Thats just how it is here! haha! And everybodddy has a hammock. Every single house has at least 1, but average about 3. The people dont alwayssss recieve us, but the majority of the time they do. Even when they do not want anything to do with us, they still let us into their house and give us coca-cola! Yes, coke. We drink coke allllll day. Water to survive, and coke all other times. My companion is sooo tired of it, but I still like coke... for now! lol My companion is awesome! Like ive said before, he is Elder Saucedo from Columbia. He is a great missionary that lovesss to work! He has been in the South zones for practically his whole mission so hes teaching me the basics on how to survive here! Man, it is crazy how loving the people are here. Our invesitgators are incredible! They are always offering us stuff, food, water, coke. And I`ve learned to never reject anything. Not just because its the right thing to do, but because I truly love these people in Honduras! I know its pretty much all they have. And in exchange, they listen to our message about the Restoration, which is the most important thing that we can give. We usually have to teach really basic, many of the people here didnt grow up with much education, or have gone to the same church their whole life due to family tradition. Walking around, you will pretty much always have the smell of smoke because of everyone burning trash. And always here music, mostly banda and oldies, like vicente fernadez or bronco because of the billares. There are alot of pool/bar places here that are always blasting music. There are also alot of house-churches. Alot of churchs (mostly evangelicals) create their own church in their front yard, its hard to contact sometimes while their is a pastor yelling/preaching right next door lol. Well, we are no different! We also have a church at a house. We are renting a house, and that is where we have our reunions on sundays. I love being in a group! (which is smaller than a branch, and way smaller than a ward) Last week the asistencia was 22 people, we worked hard this week and we raised it this week. :) Oh! (the struggles of being in a grupo) Sunday morning like at 8:25 we were about to leave our house to go to church, and I recieved a phone call from the bishopric, saying Elder Madero, the asigned speaker for today wont be able to make it to speak today, I need you speak about Dia De Reposo for 20 minutes, ok?ok. I was sooo happy! because everyone always talks about that happening, and I finally got to have that experience! But once I realized that I had to give a 20 minute talk soon, I really had to start preparing what I will say! haha We have to talk, pray, direct the hymns, and bless the sacrement sometimes! Oh! I loved how the sacrement bread was Bimbo chocolate chip bread lol. That was a little different lol. The South in general is realllly different, but I truly love it! All of the other missionaries here always talk about their experiences here and say that never want to go back to Teguz haha! Today was official changes, I got that news that I am staying here with Saucedo in Las Unidas! :) 

 P-day was awesome! We played soccer with the zone! This is just a piece of our zone! Porvenir zone is one of the biggest zones!

One of the members from the Villa Olimpica (that would always, alwaysss help us with the obra found out that I`m in the south, which is where he is from, and since the students arent studying he is down here as well. And he came to a members house down here and visited us! Everybody pretty much knows each other in Honduras it seems like! haha 
Oh! You can also see my new belt! Its a black boa skin belt. (Yes its real) Everybody down here has different skins of different exotic animals! haha 

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