Monday, August 8, 2016


Well this has been a great week! 
We have found a bunch of new investigators and even a really powerful family! 
The people are really interesting down here, but i love them all! I`ve taken a bunch of pictures of the area so you guys can see how it is here! It is really green, rocky, spread apart, and of course, Hot! 
Its awesome! Oh! So there is this family that is investigating the church that is super awesome!
 The dad is kind of like the main man around here, the alpha wolf, the head honcho, el mero-mero. But he and his family have such a big heart that I am honestly shocked sometimes! I`m not used to so much cariño (love) haha! The dad owns a farm with a whooole bunch of cows! I remember the first time I met him, he was working with the cows, and after a while I asked him, Well, do they have names? To my surprise he says Claro que si! Esa es Mancha, Gorda, La Columbiana, El Macho, Negra, oh! y Maria! Maria! Venga para acá! and next thing you comes Maria! hahaha he has all of his cows trained and obedient! They even know their names! haha that was awesome! And well they`re family own a pulperia at their house as well. Every time we go to teach a lesson...they always give us food. They are really postive! They always receive us and ask questions. Well anyway, they are one of my favorite investigators! We just have to marry them before baptizing them. Thats the hard part. Usually missionaries have to marry couples before baptizing them, because families live together but are never married, not a civil marraige at least. But thats alright! Alot of our other investigators are not that good with keeping commitments... which makes our job harder! haha We could have the greatest lesson ever taught with them, but if they do not pray or go to church with us, it doesnt really do us any good. We really emphasize the fact that the people neeed to receive a respuesta from God so that they have a tesitmony before baptism. 
Sometimes it is really hard for the investigators to concentrate because there is usually a lot of children in a small house and they are usually always yelling, crying, or hungry. 
And when the kids are hungry they eat. 
And well, the women here do nottt care, when a baby needs to be breastfed, they do it not caring where they are or who is there! haha that was really strange for me at first! But now its an everyday thing haha Oh!  The other day we had Mondongo! Its like a soup with a bunch of vegestables and cow stomach! It reminds me of the mexican menudo! (which i miss sooo much!) but it was super good! I`ve had it like 3 times in Teguz but it was soo much better down here! :) 
 And of course they gave us a bunch of Cocacola! haha Coke is like the water here! My companion is really tired of it, but not me! At least not yet haha our Stake President here took us out for Pizza Hut the other day for having a whole bunch of baptisms as a zone! Which of course was a lot of fun and good pizza!  
Yesterday for church we had an asistenia of 39! And it was testimony meeting...and well we sat in silence for a while of course haha not everybody wants to go and speak lol Yesterday we also had a really great lesson with a member! It was funny because we as missionaries do our best to teach, in clear spanish so people can understand... but when we take a member it helps alot because honduras understand other hondurans alot better! We tried explain something, and the family understood...but then the member chipped in to help, and the family was like Ohhhhhh! Now I get it!! I thought to myself: I justtt said that! haha
There are not alot of members here in this group, but most of them are always ready to help us! 

We made a home made slip and slide for P-Day today! So much fun!

  Having pizza with the zone

This is how our area looks. See that yellow house all the way in the middle back? We live still past that. Our area is pretty big!


   eating Mondongo!!!!!!

This is our chapel for our grupo! :) 

                     This is our house :)

                          Our backyard!

This is our pila. Where we wash clothes and wash dishes. Every single house has one in Honduras! They usually have fish swimming around so that they kill the mosquitos growing, but we accidently killed our fish! lol

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