Monday, August 29, 2016

Group Activity

Well there isnt really much for this week, except for an awesome activity we had this week and I know that I just had to write at least about that this week. 
Well lately we have really been trying hard to get the members to church!! They neeed to come! We need to grow together. Last week we had great asistencia, and with investigators! But, we knew that wouldnt happen every week! So we had to plan an activity to get the members animated! We had an activity the same weekend when I got here, but it was kind of boring, the members were kind of bored and well there was a new missionary that they still didnt know. (Which was me lol) But now, I was ready to make an epic activity! We had it saturday night at 6, but of course the people showed up at 7!! But thats alright, we watched the John Tanner movie and it was awesome! Everyone was nearly in tears. But after the video, we shared a message, then we started the games! We had an introductory game where everyone had to present themselves and stuff, we did our best to get them all animated and hyped up and wow! What a success! We divided into teams and played some group games together. Some members that I have never seen laugh were having the greatest time ever. Well the bottom line is for this activity, we had about 35 people go, and everyone got to know each other better and now there is more uniĆ³n! After the activity everyone complimented us for the organization. I have honestly grown really close to these members and I dont want to leave! After being in two really strong wards, it is really nice to be in a small humble group for a while!
Oh! Some of you have been asking how the water is here. (well its been raining like crazy) But I am sure that is not what you mean... Well. The tap water is not drinkable! There are ALOT of cases where missionaries get H Pylori. Its like a bacteria that you get from unclean water. So we always have to buy bags or buckets of water. You may be wondering to yourselve... bags of water?? YES! That is the greatest thing about Honduras, the bags of water! Its half a liter of water that costs from 5 to 10 cents! It is so convienent! Every Honduran house also has a Pila. I took a picture of the one at our house a couple weeks ago if you remember. Well with this pila, it is like your water storage. Thats the water you use to wash clothes, wash dishes, and sometimes, to shower. We have to be careful that when people ask us if we want water, that they dont just scoop up water from their pila. Thats just asking to get 5 different types of bacteria... but no worries! :)

                                                This is the best brand of water, Aguazul!    

Remember that investigator family that I talked about a couple weeks ago? 
that has all of the really obedient cows? 
Well yeah they are doing great and progressing! I took some pictures of some of their milking cows, and their horse, Paloma! If the cows are obedient, imagine the horse!! 
he definitely  respects hermano Portillo!

                           P-day consisted of, of course, about 3 zones at our stake center and we played soccer!
                                            Then off to Churrasquittos, a really good Guatemalan restaurant! 
                                                                               Our typical Pday. :)

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