Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Making Tortillas!

Im doing great! 
This email is going to be reallllly interesting because of the news at the end...but dont look! 
You have to read everything else first! haha
This was a great week of work! We found a lot of interesting people, more on that later as well... But! Like the title says...we made tortillas! 
Like ive said before, tortillas are a HUGE thing in Honduras. You cannot eat a meal without tortillas! But i love it! And every day every house are always making tortillas at their house. And I think it was Friday, we were at an inactives house and we wanted to earn their trust, and so we asked the typical question, ¨hay algo que nosotros podemos hacer por usted? is there anything that we can do for you? barrer, trapiar, lavar trastes, ropa, moler tortillas, como sea!¨anything! and well this time..they said Yes! 
We were not expecting that! So they took us around back and said that we can help them make tortillas!
 We were super excited though because we´ve never done it before and we wanted to learn! So they taught us and we got  it! First it starts with corn, then they grind it up. And it turns into a type of masa. Then our job was to put into little balls and squish it with a piece of tile!  haha
I remembered all of those times my mom making homemade tortillas but not with a piece of tile!haha that was fun! 
Then after that the tortillas go on the stove to cook... ill let the picture of the stove speak for itself! thats how everyones stoves are here in the south! Its either those or the little electrical stoves. So we got stuck doing that service project was it was really fun, we bonded with the members for a while and they let us teach them after!
Speaking of teaching, I realized this week I love teaching!!! I love finding people who dont know much, but have a basic christian background and teaching them the truth, and watching their eyes as they slowly realize that EVERYTHING we are teaching comes from scripture that they already believe in, the Bible, and they start to realize that what we are teaching is true. Lately I have been studying the Bible A BUNCH!! alongside with some of the church´s reference books for help and ive learned a bunch! I thought I knew the Bible before, but now its a whole new level. Not only that, but its helped me understand some of the mysteries of the Book of Mormon. And would it surprise you to know that I still have not found not ONE contradiction. I love this scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 11:21: " Seek not to declare my word, but first seek to obtain my word, and then shall your tongue be loosed; then, if you desire, you shall have my Spirit and my word, yea, the power of God unto the convincing of men."
 I truly tesitify of this because while we teach, i truly feel like my tongue gets loosed and I dont even really have to think of the answer, its just comes out! Lately with all of the interesting investigators we´ve found, they just happen to have a lot of touchy subjects and questions about our church, but that doesnt worry us at all. We´ve learned to not have the spirit of contention with us AT ALL and teach with the spirit, in a calm, clear, loving voice. We´ve had so many experiences like this with a positive outcome! The other day we were teaching a lady that goes to the evangelical church, and she was kind of hard with us in the beginning, but she still let us in and teach. She had a lot of questions about everything but we replied in a loving way using the Bible. We taught the first time mostly about L1 and Authority, she had 0 questions at the end.
 The next city she had a lot more questions for us but of course, we had an answer. Towards the end it was time to challenge her for baptism, we truly felt like she would say Yes. And I asked her ´Si usted le pregunta a Dios, para saber la veracidad de estas cosas, y usted siente que ha recibido una respuesta en su corazón, que estaría despuesta hacer?¨ And she said I know what you want me to say, but i cant. She closed her bible and pretty much said shes realized that what we are teaching could clearly be true, but she doesnt want to ask God because she doesnt want to cause problems with her husband by going to a different church (Hes the Pastor). Well, at least we left a seed there that will one day grow! But anyway, I have a question for you guys! As I was studying the Book of Mormon I realized something.
 If Nephi and his family were still following the Law of Moses (Which pretty much says that if someone kills someone else, that person must be put to death too) Why was Nephi commanded to kill Laban? There is a response that will blow your mind! (Ill tell you next week!;) 
Ohh! This week has been raining like CRAZY! It feels like a hurricane! The other day after district meeting we went to Wendys, then at around 1 we were going to leave and then de repente it starts raining HARD! and we couldnt leave! All of Choluteca got flooded pretty bad. After a while we started studying haha we were stuck in Wendys with the elders from Iztoca and our ZLs. 
Ohh! And I forgot to say last week, there is this member in our group that is super awesome! He served his mission in Mexico a few years ago and he helps us out a bunch! He hasnt gotten along with the past elders in this area because they were pretty disobedient but you can tell that he truly trusts us! Because the other day he want to church with a really really nice tie, and I told him ¨me llega su corbata hombre!¨ ( i like your tie)You know what he does? He looks at the tie, and then looks at me and says, ´es una de mis favoritas´ and he starts to untie it and then he gives it to me! Of course then I gave him mine! But wow! These people are very loving. 
Ready for the news?
 Last sunday was testimony sunday and since its a group, everybody had to go up and bare their testimony haha but then at the end, one of the Iztoca ward´s councelors got up, and said...he had an announcement. Then his eyes started to water, and he says... At the end of this month, we will be sending the papers so that Las Unidas can be a BRANCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everybody in the room pretty much went into shock!! We still cant believe it!
 We hope it all works out, the branch building will be such a blessing for us!

This is Daniel, we exchanged ties haha

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