Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I´m in Paradise!

El Paraiso is the greatest place ever! 
Now I know why missionaries say that this area is one of the best in the mission! 
I testify of that! f you notice the little map on the blog that should be on the left side, you´ll see a map of our mission. El Paraiso queda under Danli. It is a small city kind of Well, Its like Wickenburg. But better... ;) Its a really powerful ward here! This ward is the best in the Stake of Danli. We split the ward with hermanas, but we have the good side haha. Because this area is know for being #1, they expect a lot out of us. Which is just what I wanted! We are opening area meaning that me and my companion are both entering the area not knowing anything. Starting fresh pretty much. My second time opening area, I opened my first area in the mission as well, so at least I had experience how to do successfully. So this week we have been going out with the members to get to know the area, and its HUGE! We have also been doing our best to get the members to get to know us and trust us. Letting them know that we are here to work, which hasnt been easy... the previous elderes didnt leave a good example and their isnt too much confidence with some members now. For example, we only have meals with members like 3 days of the week, the rest we are on our own. But little by little they start trusting us and then starting inviting us over to eat. We actually already have some references from them! I made sure to visit the bishop asap. He is a great guy! We talked to him and stuff and we let him know who we are and what we want to do, he was impressed. He told us he can see the honesty and sincerity in us. He even asked me to give a talk this sunday and saying pretty much the same thing we told him because we need to animate the members to work with the missionaries again. I gladly accepted the asignment, what better way for the members to get to know us? We are currently meeting in like a store house type of room on Sundays. The past couple months the chapel has been under reconstruction, and it should be open in October! It is a really nice chapel! It honestly feels wierd to be in a ward again lol wheres my humble little group I love!!!! I´ll upload some of my goodbye pictures of some members from Las Unidas speaking of them.
But this area is awesome! The people recieve us so easily! It is really really, REALLY wierd that someone rejects like they do in the city lol they dont slam doors here! The climate is great! Its a cold area, but right now its really fresco. My companion is great! He is Elder Rosales, he has 3 months and is from Choluteca Honduras! So he is a paisano haha for only having 3 months, he knows ALOT! Our lessons together are great! He is waiting to to get his Visa to go to his mission, which is in Mexico, DF sur. This week was pretty cool because it was Honduras´s Independence Day and their was a huge festival parade thing here. 
Oh! I completely forgot last week to write about the assignment I gave you guys about Nephi and Laban! Well, Nephi was commanded to kill Laban right? Well I thought that well he did it out of obedience and because the Lord commanded him to do it, and that it is better for one person to die than a whole nation. Well my companion and I realized that before Nephi was commanded to kill him, he and his brothers tried to reason with Laban before and it didnt work out. The first time Laman want, and Laban tried to kill him. Then they took the riches that they had, and what did Laban do? He robbed them and tried to kill them again... which by the Law of Moses (eye for an eye) Laban should be put to death right? Its interesting to think of it that way haha. 
Anyways, everything is going great here! We are having a great time getting to know this area and the members. Estamos echando fuego! 

                                             Im going to miss how steep the mountains are here haha

                                             My last day in Las Unidas. Saying goodbye to the area and the members.

                                                     El perro estaba triste porque me voy a ir... sniff sniff

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