Tuesday, September 13, 2016

El Paraíso is calling my name!

Well everything is going great in Las Unidas.
I truly love it here. I´ve been here for two weeks and a change (a total of 2 months). During this time we´ve worked hard and found a bunch of great people. Some prepared people and some not prepared. We´ve also worked hard with the members, trying to earn their trust and mostly reactivating them lol but also trying to have them help us in the obra misional. We have their trust now in my opinion. When they invite us over for ´tortillas y queso´ that usually means they love us. haha
I love these people so much!! They are so humble and ive learned a lot from them. Ive lived in a town my whole life and im used to it. Then going from being in the city a bunch during the mission, back to a small village, i feel at home.
 While Ive been here I´ve tried my best to help contribute to help this group become a branch, and I cant believe that last week they announced that they will send the papers at the end of this month! When I got here to this area the asistence at church on Sundays was 22, I am happy to say that this past sunday we brought it up to 41! 
 I have to share this experience with you guys: My companion and his last comp contacted this one guy in the street, and they put a cita, everytime they would go, he would never be home. And then I came, we kept going as well, but like always, never there. Its not that he was anything that incredible is just that for some reason he was a future investigator that we always kept trying to find. (ive never met him) But I always felt like going to his house and knock and see if he was home. Saturday night, we tried again. and guess what? He just got home from work! So he comes to the door and we talk for a little bit. He lives right in front of an Adventista church. So I wanted to get to know him a little bit by talking about if he has ever gone to the church in front of his house, it turns out that he doesnt go because they dont eat fish and he cant work on Saturdays... so that wasnt the answer that I wanted haha. And he firmly stated that he is catholic. And I forgot how but during the talking he said something like ´un bolo no puede guiar a otro bolo´ ... so he drinks. By this time I can tell that my companion wants to leave (consejo de grupo was starting) but I wanted to get to know him a little more. After a while, he started to realize we arent robots, we are real people. (that sounds wierd right?lol) so then he tells that hes talked to other missionaries before, like 3 years ago adn they gave him a book, then he lets us in. After a few minutes he finds this book, El Libro de Mormon. I open it and see the front page has a photo of the two missionaries and their testimonies written there... we were pretty surprised but grateful they did that! He goes on talking about how hes read the Book of Mormon upto Mosiah! And he has been marking his favorite scriptures. By now, we are beyond happy, we are sooo happy! then he tells us a story. He tells us that in his job, his workmates are pretty cruel and mean. And one time religion got brought up. Of course they were bashing on every religion, especially our church. And there was this certain guy that was talking bad about the Book of Mormon, and our investigator got frustrated, and he took out the Book of Mormon THAT HE HAD IN HIS BACKPACK and opened and read his favorite scriptures to them. (and by now, we have our eyes WIDE open we cannoy believe what we are hearing) and thennn... he tells us that he told them, firmly, holding the book, He said ´Yo SE, que este libro verdaderamente viene de Dios, no le he leido todo, pero yo se que es verdadero´ By this time, I´m tearing up, as macho and might that I am (Que humildad va?;) My companion and I were speechless, yes because of his testimony of the the veracidad of the book, but also because we are so grateful for recieving another blessing from our Heavenly Father. We definately learned that we always need to be listening to the Spirit because we never know who is waiting for us, and need to hear our message or visit them. I love the mission so much!
Well anyway, heres the juicy part of this blog post: Today was the day that they tell us if we have changes or not. We invtied all of the missionaries in the south to our stake center and we were going to see the changes together. It was so much fun being with everyone, ive made soo many amazing friends here!!  Well because Ive been here for only two months I figured I´d stay here...but guess what? Im leaving Choluteca... I AM OPENING AN AREA IN ´EL PARAISO´!!
 I cant believe it!! Im leaving the south and I am going to the EAST. Its nice and fresh over there. Everyone was congradulating me, saying that the area I am going to is one of the best areas in the mission and that they were proud of me for opening another area, President must really trust me! haha I am so excited!! Im pretty sad about leaving Las Unidas but I know that these changes were by revelation, and that is were the Lord needs me.
 I truly feel like Ive done my part here. Now its time to say goodbye to this amazing area.


                                                                         Last group photo together! 

 My Llave and I, Elder Saucedo, now its time to say goodbye to this awesome Columbian. In Columbia, they say Mi Llave to say my friend or my homie. Which is translated to My Key haha but its catchy!

 Elder Garry from Utah, Elder Tuz de Mexico, y Elder Iongi from Cali, Im gonna miss these guys a bunch!!!

                                                       This is our district, its always hard to say goodbye! 
-Elder Iongi is honestly one of my favorite friends that ive made on the mission! 

Shoutout to some of the hermanas from our zone for making us Pupusas for lunch! 
Pupusas are the El Salvador equivalent to Baleadas in Honduras. But the pupusas were super good!!

Elder Flores brought a Mexican flag to take pictures with, and all of the mexicans were going to take pictures, and it was funny because they were like, Donde esta Madero?? 
Diga a ese Mexicano que venga!! hahaha Awww I love my paisanos!! :)

                     The cool thing about being in the South is being close to Santos and Nelson. 
They are two different guys that both buy a whole bunch of different skins and make stuff with them. Exclusively for missionaries! Santos came all the way to our house on his bike the other day to show the skins he had! He really likes us because he doesn't do that with everyone, and we live far! He made me a custom White Boa Belt! 

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