Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Zone Conference

Well Im doing great! 
There isnt much to report on this week, except that we had zone conference which was awesome! But first, have I mentioned how awesome El Paraíso is? I think I did haha. But I am having a great time here! Im actually still learning how this area is, and what I realized this week is that this area is HUGE! I feel like im in Miraflores again because we have to plan each day with each area again. It is way to big to go from one side of the area to the next during the day multiple times. But that is such a blessing! I´m not seeing the same people everyday like in Las Unidas haha! There is a great variety of people here, but the good thing is that there isnt much of the rich snotty people here! They are all humble but not living in poverty. So our main priority still is trying to get to know the members of our area, because there is alot! The assistencia on sundays supposably hit about 200. So there is alot of work to do!! haha Well I think I mentioned this last week, but last week the Bishop asked me to give a talk this week, to motivate the members to work together. I was really excited about this! So during the week Ive been pondering on what to say. Hermana Vargas, one of the other missionaries in our ward said that in all that time she has been there, the bishop has never asked any missionary to talk, he doesnt like to because its a strong ward. The only time recently that its happened when E. Valladares asked to give a talk about 4 months ago. Anyway, I felt really priviledged! So Sunday came around, and I gave my talk. I prepared a bunch for it since I was really excited to give it! In my talk I tried to animate the members, not just saying, Hey! Give us references!! But instead, I tried to, well first present us because some dont even know that there are elders in the area again, but also to let them see that we were regular members before too, we know how they feel. As members, we have our friends and family members that are not members, but we dont give those references to whatever missionary. I strongly invited them to first, get to know us. We are really dispuestos to visit them, teach them, serve them, anything! I told them about the success we had in the Villa when the stake plan was to do 3 family home evenings a week! As well as how well going on divisions with the missionaries is. So that they can see how we work and how we teach. So they can see that we wont scare their friends away haha! Stuff like that. As soon as the first hour was finished, immediatley some members came up to us and said ´Hola! we are the Silva family! When can you guys come over?´ Man!! we were sooo happy! this continued until the end of church! I am so excited to see the results! 
On Tuesday we went to Teguz to the Mexican Embassy because some missionaries in the mission are waiting for their VISAs to go to their mission in Mexico. As well as my companion. My companion, Elder Rosales has 3 months in the mission, waiting to go to Mexico. President told us that he leaves this Wednesday, but the office has no idea whats going with that situation so we´ll see what happens! I think ill be recieving a mini-missionary. 
On Friday we had zone conference! Its when the President shaves us and says we need to straighten up! But in a loving way of course! haha Its also pretty cool because we get to see most of the missionaries in the mission. The city and the oriente get together for zone conferences, and the south missionaries have their own in the south. So it was nice to see the city elders again!!
 Anyway, during the conference sometimes there are some acitvities that we do to learn a certain principle. Well Hermana Lara, who is the enfermera of the mission, she needed a participate for her activity. I met Hermana Lara while I was in the south and of course now how i am, (always showing off ;) hahaha so guess who she calls on? Yeah that one elder, madero I think his name?? anyway, the principle was perseverar hasta el fin to get the best reward. So by the pulpit she showed me a piece of chocolate, she said, do you like chocolate? eat it. So I ate. Then she had a lollipop, do you want the lollipop? It takes 15 squats. Then she had a candybar? It takes 20 pushups to earn it. Then lastly, she had a Cocacola bottle. Coke is the great thing ever invented! <3 and it took 2 minutes being in the plank position. Ooooh que dificil right?? haha man it was so much fun because we put up a show! Era un gran relax!   

This is how El Paraíso looks like!

 This is our Ward Mission Leader, Elias and his wife, and my companion, Elder Rosales from Honduras, and the hermanas we are splitting the ward with, Hermana Moreno from Honduras and Hermana Vargas from Costa Rica.

This is our temporary chapel while the actual chapel is being reconstructed! It should be open in like 2 weeks!! 

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