Monday, October 3, 2016

New Companion!

Well there have been some changes this week! Such assss: I recieved a new companion! In the middle of our morning studies on Friday, Elder Rosales recieves a phone call saying pack your things your leaving to your mission to Mexico today!! You have to be at the Danli stake center at 2! Wow! What a surprise! So he got everything ready as fast as he can and I tried to get the house as clean as possible to recieve a new companion! The greatest news ever was hearing that I am not leaving, that they are NOT going to close this area again!! Im so glad all of the work we´ve been doing wont go down the drain! haha So we went to Danli, and I dropped off an Elder and recieved another! I recieved Elder Medina!! He is from Tegucigalpa! He is actually a mini-missionary. He has his mission call to Mexico as well and he leaves at the end of november. A minimissionary is a missionary that is volunteering their time (time that wont count as time on the mission) to help out the current mission where they live. I am so grateful that he came!! His story is actually pretty crazy. He has been inactive for a large chunk of his life, but these last few months hes had a mighty change of heart and he decided to change his life completely, so he, alone, filled out all of his mission papers and got his mission call! And on Friday morning at around 10, he recieved a phone call from our APs saying, Hey we know this is last minute, but we need a mini-missionary quick! Can you serve a mini-mission from a month in el Paraiso? He said , Sure! The APs said, alright! you have to be at the office in TWO HOURS! what?! But he willingly accepted and now he is here! Well, im training! my new comp really doesnt know much, others that are training at least have the benefit that theyre comps have gone to the MTC, my companion doesnt have that background! haha Im not gonna lie at first I was pretty shocked and didnt believe the situation. But then I got my pilas together and got to work! haha the good thing is that my new companion is SO WILLING TO LEARN!! Alot more willing to learn than I was when I was in training lol. But he is incredible! 
We had general conference this week and it was incredible! My favorite talk was definately Uchtdorfs first talk!! It was so direct and powerful! I definately learned a bunch this weekend! Because my companion arrived in the tarde of friday, and we had conference on saturday and sunday, we didnt have much time to actually work. But we worked our tails off after the sunday conference and i realized that well, my companion loves working too! I love teaching everything I´ve learned throught these past 11 months! We had a pretty cool experience contacting on sunday. So personally I LOVE contacting.
 I love getting to know new people and them getting to know us and our message. As we were contacting, which was the first time in my companions life, we found some people that werent so positive. Some people that already assist a church and say that it is an unforgivable sin to learn about other churches. Others who say Well, you guys can come back, but nunca me van a encontrar aqui, siempre salgo. My companion would always write everyones name down, excited to revisit. But i remember I told him with a lot of confidence, they are not the ones we are looking for, there are always some that are waiting for us, just dying to hear our message, we just need to keep looking, and talk with everyone! After like 3 more doors, a joven comes out, we present ourselves and talk a little with him and he lets us in, he says that he used to talk to sister missionaries before. His best friend is a member. And he really wants to see the new chapel that we have there. So we talked a little more with him and gained his confidence so that we are not some strangers in his house. Then we taught a little and planned another appointment. He said that he is really willing to go to church on sunday, the only thing is that he has to ask his mom for permission. He has gone to the same church all of his life and has never asked his parents for permission to go to another, but he really, really wants to! We left that house, and my companion was almost in tears! He was saying, wow! Its almost too good to be true! Does that always happen? Basically I told him, no. Not always, there will be days when we dont find anything, not even dogs that wants to talk to us, but other days we find miracles, people who have waiting for us and our message. He learned, no, we BOTH learned alot from that! 
AHHHHH I love the mission!!
 I also love this oppurtunity I have in El Paraiso!! 
I am giving it everything I have, when I leave here I want to be that missionary that the ward talks about years after, and say....... that,  Ese Elder Madero si trabajo queda miedo!! Y era buena onda! haha 

As missionaries, we are not too happy about this! haha

I love COCA~COLA!!!!!!!!


                                                      Saying goodbye to Elder Rosales was sad, he is such a great guy!
                                                        But he is going to Mexico!! How exciting!! Eating chile everyday! :D

                                    There was another festival in el Paraiso, and the parades always pass by our house!

                                                        This is our house!! The best house in all of the mission!
                                                                           Our house is on the top floor

                I talked to the owner as well, and she hooked us up with a water heater for our shower!! Woohoo!!


Our house is on the top floor, on the bottom is a paint company. So we have a pretty awesome view! Perfect for my hammock, and guess what?
! WE HAVE A WASHING MACHINE!! The only house in the mission with a washer!   :D

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