Monday, October 31, 2016

One Year / My Birthday!

                                                                           I hit the year mark!! 
                                                  Of course I followed the tradition and I burned a shirt!

What a week!! I loved it! 
Well to start off... i shook hands with Elder Oaks from the 12!! 
I will never forget that powerful firm handshake he gave me! Its incredible! He gave us an amazing talk! He didnt come to shave us, he honestly talked to us with a lot of love. And of course he even cracked some jokes! One of my favorite things that he told us was that we need to really know who we are. Where we come from, and where we are going. He read us Juan 8:14 14 Respondió Jesús y les dijo: Aunque yo doy testimonio acerca de mí mismo, mi testimonio es verdadero, porque sé de dónde he venido y a dónde voy; pero vosotros no sabéis de dónde vengo, ni a dónde voy.
 The Spirit was really strong and of course we all felt really insprired. It was funny because he told us that we should be Full Time Missionaries, not part time. He said to forget about our home, forget about the elections in the US, and forget about the girl back at home...she will marry someone else! hahaha  That was an incredible experience!
 And then I received my new companion, Elder Guerra. He is from Peru! He is my son because he is coming straight from the CCM. He is SOO awesome! He has already served a mini-mission so he already knows whats up! First day, we went straight to work and he already knows so much! And guess what? he knows PERFECT english!! He studied in a bilingual school and he knows a lot! Not only that, but we have soo many similarities! For example, shows? He loves Sherlock the BBC series. Music? Classic rock and some modern stuff. I have never met anyone who has ever liked my favorite band, Phoenix. and when I asked about it, he is like OH Yeah! I love that band! AHhhhhh!! This dude is great! The members already like him! This has been such a great week! Also because on Friday I hit the year mark!! What?!?! Where has the time gone! Of course I followed the tradition and I burned a shirt! And then on Saturday, it was my birthday! Man, i definitely felt a bunch of love from the members! We ate cake at my ward mission leaders home! It was good! 
so, now Instead of counting up, the countdown begins! I should be coming home in LESS than a year now! :)

Heres a rundown of how my first year has been: 
1. Miraflores, Tegucigalpa
2. Villa Olimpicia, Tegucigalpa
3. Las Unidas, Choluteca
4. El Paraìso, El Paraìso

1. Elder Westberg (USA) (My dad)
2. Elder Carter (USA) (Stepdad)
3. Elder Marin (Nicaragua)
4. Elder Agren (USA)
5. Elder Espinoza (Peru)
6. Elder Saucedo (Colombia)
7. Elder Rosales (Honduras)
8. Elder Medina (Honduras) (Adopted son)
9. Elder Guerra (Peru) (Son)
... Nine companions under a year is wayyy to much! haha But i love getting to know new cultures and making new friends!

                                                                 ONE   YEAR!! wooohoo!!
Burning a shirt was a lot harder than I thought... I don't know how I managed to burn the 5 gallon bucket as well. LOL LOL 

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