Monday, November 14, 2016

Comida Catracha!


 Did you guys know that Donald Trump won?
 Well everybody talks about it here! I guess they be talking more about it in the states though... so you may know already!

This was a great week! We are killing it in El Paraiso!
 My companion has pretty much got the hang of the mission life and now we are working hard as if im with whatever other companion thats been on the mission for a long time! I love it! 
This week of course has had its ups and downs...  the sad part was when we went on friday to confirm two baptisms for saturday and they changed their mind... i was pretty bummed out. We´ve been working with them for a while and now i can see that they do not truly have the desire to follow Christs example with baptism, but ive learned that everyone has their time!
Other than that, its been a great week because we have found a bunch of awesome new investigators! Alot of them have fechas bautismales as well! 
There was only one desafio training my new companion,..... teaching him that we have to eat EVERYTHING that the people give us. Thats been kind of hard honestly. 
Opening this area was not easy and I had to have the members learn to trust us, and part of that is we eat what they give us no matter how much we may not want to, or how full we are. Ive gotten really used to it, but it remember of when I started the mission, it wasnt easy getting used to it haha But my comp has learned now. I am so grateful for the members here in Honduras, so willing to help us even when they dont have much to offer, I have truly learned to love them a lot! 
I am so excited now that Christmas is coming around! The people in general start to change, they are nicer and alot more open to hear us preach of Christ. As well as everyone makes food( a bunch of nacatamales and torejas) and they always give it to us! :) Speaking of food, Im sure you guys have wondered... Whats the typical food in Honduras? Well one of the members bought a really awesome cookbook with all of the typical honduran food and how to make them!
 Enjoy! :) 

Sopa de Mondongo is SOO good! For a lot of missionaries (gringos) it takes them a while to get used to it because the meat is cow stomach with a bunch of vegestables. but i got used to it fast and start to enjoy it  fast because it reminds me the mexican soup menudo! 
Sopa de Res is also really common.

In El Paraiso there are a lot of returned missionaries and they are soo awesome! These are some of them, and its cool because they are always helping us out with the obra! 

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