Thursday, November 24, 2016

One of the best miracles of the mission!

     We saw this place and the only thing we thought was ¨Who´s Aquel?¨!!!!
      haha that was a really funny moment for us!


Ok, so I am just dying to tell you guys this story. These are the kinds of stories that make me think ¨I dont really want to go back home¨ haha I never really thought i would ever say that before the mission, but times like these make me want to stay. Alright so, my abuelos live in Mexico right? Of course as a missionary Ive learned the great importance of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I want everyone to hear and accept it! Especially my family! I always thought that it would have to be until after the mission that I would have the oppurtunity to teach and take my family in Mexico to church. Until, of course like always, our Heavenly Father sets up a plan for us. Plans that are always better than our own plans. (Isaías 55:8-9) Well it all worked out. Because I got sent to El Paraíso. Remember when I got hear I was opening area, meaning I was starting completely fresh. Getting to know all of the members from square one. Well i will talk about this one particular hermana. She was a little closed, and not that open, especially to the missionaries. But you guys know how stubborn I am haha So I kept trying to gain her confidence. I still remember that the first day I met her she didnt even let us into her house, we were at the doorstep. UNTIL...I asked ´Do you have any children´? She said she had a son and two daughters. The son is serving a mission. I asked Where? She says Mexico! I asked Where? She said Chiahuahua! I asked Where in Chihuahua? Then she said Cuauhtemoc! I said, Hermana, I have family living there! Thennn she let us in!  After a couple times we visited her we gained her trust, she started to like us! Then we had an idea! Send the reference of my family over there through one of her emails to her son. So we sent the direction and guess what happent the next week? BAM! A picture of MY grandma and family with HER son! I honestly almost broke into tears the first time I saw that picture because it is literally a miracle to me! There is nothing more that Ive wanted! And it could only have happened if I were where I am now, where I am supposed to be. I recieved some pictures today of her son with my family in Mexico eating together at the house, and the first time that they went to CHURCH! I couldnt believe it!! I am so happy!!
Today in my email I recieved a lot of bad news from back home and obviously its natural to think, Wow, it would be nice to be home and support the people in need, or try to do something about a certain situation. Then its miracles like these where I get reminded that there is nothing better that I could do for my loved once back at home, then to be here in Honduras serving a full time mission.
So my kid had his first baptism during his mission last saturday! It was awesome! Her name is Marcela. I really like this story because I relate it to my life. So theres this joven named Fabian, he is going on the mission soon to Mexico. (Everyone is going to Mexico right?) But during this time before he leaves he has been staying with his sister. Exactly like I did before I left on the mission. And during that time they got really close! (Same with my sister huh Judy??) haha and the thing is that she also has a daughter around Daisy´s age! And Fabian asked me when I got here to help him meet his goal to baptize his sister and niece before he leaves on the mission. Well we did it! He was able to baptize his niece on Saturday (The sister has been a little bit hard to do, but she goes to church every sunday!) Fabian leaves to his mission tomorrow! So the whole ward was pretty happy about that! We should be having another baptism this saturday, so we are really excited!
I recieved a birthday package from my parents this week! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! oh man it is soo awesome! I recieved a bunch of cool stuff! But my favorite is definately the chocolate mint candy!! My favorite! ESPECIALLY the Oreos!! But my favorite part of all, is the quadruple scriptures in spanish!! I am the only and first missionary to have that because it just came out! So everyone always gets super jealous when they see it, but it is sooo awesome!! Thank you!!

     This is my family in Mexico with the missionaries!!

        This is the family I was talking about that lives here and has the son in Mexico visiting my family! 

      This is a typical meal in Honduras, it is really good! 

    The Danlí Zone is the best! We are all really united and always having a great time together!

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