Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Best week ever!

                                        Check out this awesome new Mountain Dew design! 
                      I dont even like Mountain Dew but I like how Honduras is getting some recognition! haha

Well this past week was a great week, but I am just wayyy to excited about this week coming up!
This is definately going to be the best week of my mission!Heres why: 

1. Well today is P-day, and its pretty awesome.

2. Wednesday the whole mission is going to have a reunion in Teguz. We are going to have a special guest visit us... guess who? Dalin H. Oaks!! :D Yeahh!!! The apostle! We are all super excited!

3. After the reunion, we are going to have our changes meeting!

4. I will be recieving another kid! Meaning... I will be training again as District Leader!

5. Friday I hit the year mark! What?!?! I cant believe it! Time has gone by way to fast!

6. Saturday we will have 3 baptisms! 

7. Sunday is my birthday!! I cant believe I am turning 20 years old!! 

   ...so yeah, this is going to be a crazy week! I am way too excited! I havent met my new companion yet, he is still in the MTC. His name is Elder Guerras is all I know. My current companion is finishing up his mini-mission. I am super grateful he came and helped me out here, I taught him everything I know and I think he has managed to learn all of the important parts! 
He lives in Teguz, he says hes coming back for the baptisms on saturday. The area is doing good! We have a bunch of AMAZING investigators! This is the perfect area to train someone!

                 Check out our gospel principles class! It was packed! Full of converts and investigators!!!!!

This week we had a really interesting experience, we had the opportunity to go to school and teach some kids about the church! It was really weird because all of my life Ive been taught that school and religion do not go together, and well I guess its not like that here! haha It was a fun experience but not really that productive. It was really funny for me though, you guys know how I am, I like attention. Well once we started teaching, of course there is always that class clown. I think it was karma because of how I was in high school ! haha So of course we had our laughs as the class clowns and I were messing with each other. But the thing that I love about this gospel, is that no matter what people say about our church, todo tine sentido (everything makes sense).  So we cleared everything up and there were no more questions! haha 
sorry the picture isn't the best

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