Monday, October 17, 2016

New Chapel!

                                                        I recieved a letter in the mail, my dad got married!!! 
                                                                            What?!? Im still in shock!
                                      ( Elder Westberg was my dad while he was on his mission here in Honduras)

Well everything is going great! 
Sorry about not writing last week I was really sick, we thought I had dangue! But everything worked out and I cured right up. We had a really good week of hard work! I love training, you know why? I am teaching my companion the all of the things that took me months to learn, and he IS learning! When he goes to his mission in Mexico he will know everything already and will get to work his first day! This is the last full week of this change, its sad knowing that we willl be seperated! haha But i am sooo grateful that he decided to come on the minimision so that he can help me here! Something that Ive realized about him is that he has not complained once! Even when its late and we´re tired, he has no problem with knocking an one more door! I love that about him! The good thing is that he will learn that through hard work and obedience we will always be blessed, he is really happy about two baptisms we will have this weekend.
Well, for about 6 months the chapel here in el paraíso has been in reconstruction, so for a long time that members and the missionaries have been assisting at the temporary warehouse looking chapel, but guess what? 
The new chapel is open!! I am so lucky to be here in this area at this time because we get to experience this haha. 
It is soo nice! It looks like if it were a 2017 model! Everything is hightech and brand new! It tooks us a while to learn how to move the curtains up and down! They are fool-proof! haha The portable tv we have here is a brand new Samsung 55´´!! HUGE!! The youth of el paraiso have been pretty sad that the building has been closed because alot of the youth, member or not, like to play soccer at the court outside. So everytime we contact people we always mention that the chapel is open again and most importantly, the cancha is brand new as well!hahaha 


We packed 8 people into one taxi! haha

We found a really good Mexican restaurant that is pretty authentic! 
Once we ate, I told the waitress that I wanted to meet the chef, she kind of gave me the Why? Thats weird look... (I get that a lot;) and so the chef came out and she is Mexican! She married a Honduran thats why she is down here. We made good friends with her and she even invited us for dinner when she makes Mexican mole! yumm!!
 They had this painting of the Honduras flag and the Mexican flag, I thought it was pretty cool! 

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