Saturday, June 10, 2017

We can take a deep breathe, for now!

Well, its been a great week!
 Everything worked out perfectly! If you remember last week was pretty hectic for us, with the whole surprise visit from Elder Renlund and everything. Well he came this past wednesday and it was pretty intense! I´ve never seen how much the church actually prepares for something like this until now. They clean every little corner of the chapel and repaint everything and fix everything before he comes. We had to do alot on our part as well. Mostly because we were in charge that our mission knew what they are supposed to do, but also the mission right next to us. I remember on Tuesday I had the idea to call the APs of the Comayaguela mission and see how everything was going, I realized that they didnt know much about it! They didnt know about the rules, or anything about the schedule. (They were actually planning on being here an hour later than they were supposed to!) So not only did we have to instruct our mission, theirs too! But it was fun! On the big day, Wednesday, we all got into our positions and got to work. We had the office elders stationed in different places of the chapel and we were throwing out secret crazy code words and signs, making sure that no one goes where they are not supposed to go, and they stay and do where they are supposed to stay and do. It was pretty stressful. Mostly because the whole mission was there and so I saw alot of my friends and they were all trying to talk, (as well as people I dont know trying to be friends all of a sudden! haha ) but I couldnt talk, we were super busy trying to direct everyone and the ´big boys´ in charge of all of this event had to keep giving us the instructions at the moment and we had to transfer that message to the rest of this missionaries. We actually got to shake his hand! It was awesome! You guys cant imagine how relieved we felt when we finished all of this! We were finally able to go back to our area and work!
 On friday we had our weekly planning and we realized something... Little by little we need start saying goodbye to our area.
 We took our 3 month calender and we realized all of the big events that we are going to have pretty soon! All of the Consejo de lideres, Interviews, and Zone Conferences that we need to set up soon. Its exciting! But there is no other way to put it, its going to get pretty stressful. But I really trust my companion, we know that if we keep working hard and stay organized and keep thinking ahead everything well work out.

 We are making a new presentation for the missionaries coming to the mission this week so we took some pictures around the city so that we can explain a little of how it is here.
 im going to attach some pictures of the transportation at least from today.

The other night we were on a taxi and we realized that our driver was really really bored, to the point that he was playing Fifa on his phone! haha

 These nice buses are called Rapiditos, they cost 11 Lempiras, they are usually pretty nice, and usually has good music 

These are the regular buses, they cost 4 lempiras. But you get what you pay for... you can fit about 200 people in here sometimes and they do not care! It is insane how many people they can squeeze in there! 
There will always be a TV in front and they will always be blasting reggaeton.

These are Motortaxis, they always charge you way more than they are supposed to! Don't get on these!

 It was really funny, today we went to central and we saw these group of people and we see that they were practicing for the  quinceanera dance! 
I remember those days! haha

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