Monday, June 5, 2017

The Office Squad

Well here I am, in the office. My mission has definately changed.
 But I like it. Like if you picture a theatre show, a typical missionary is out there performing, working out in the field. Now we are ´backstage´. Making sure everything is working out and everyone is doing good. (Im not gonna lie I kind of miss being out there performing haha) But its so bad being here. It has changed my perspective in my mission alot, now that I know how the mission works. We recieved all of the statistics and stuff, we get all of the phone calls from missionaries having problems or in a serious situation, and we have to prepare all of the conferences to help the missionaries do the best they can when they are out there in the stage (field). Our time in our area to work has been cut down, which is a little sad. This week were the transfers. I recieved a new companion! Elder Akubeze went to be a ZL in Danlí and my new companion is Elder Lindsay. He is from Colorado and we have about the same in the mission. He is pretty cool! The thing that I really appreciate is that he a really organized person and so that is something that we both love! I realized something though, now that Ive gone through a whole transfer, I realized that my relationship with the ward is not that great. Alot of times we are in the office, and when we get back we try to work with our investigators and go find new people. But my goal for this change is to start visiting some members and helping them build their testimony. Something that is definately true is that if we work with the members we get more success. I kind of forgot that because of my last area, La Villa de San Fransisco, where there were barely any members. We learned to work independetly. But now im in city so that needs to change. We have been putting this in practice and it has been working out so far! We have been working hard lately and we´ve seen the fruits! We baptized a lady last saturday and it was awesome! But she didnt get confirmed, so we will be doing that tomorrow. Today, we were supposed to have a baptism too. But this is what happened... When we brought our district leader to do the baptismal interview she told us that her grandma didnt get her permission, although she really wants to and her parents support her. (Her name is Vivian, she is 17, smart, lives with her aunt for the new few months, but lives in Olancho with her grandma, that is why she needs permission with her grandma.) It was honestly really sad. She will still be able to go to church and everything but she have to wait until the grandma´s heart is opened and allows her to follow her dreams.We are praying for a miracle. That really hurt, we worked really hard with her, and now... nothing. But it is really intersting how things work out. We said, oh well! We need to just keep working. And so we went to the other appointments that we have for that day. This is what happened. THREE different investigators all kept their committments and read and prayed, and now feel that what we are teaching is true! They feel like they have recieved their response and accepted baptismal dates! I wish I had time to explain each of the investigator´s sitatuations because they are really interesting! and you would see how much of a miracle that was! One is a family, Familia Matute. Another is Helen, a really old investigator that finally did her part, and another is Jenny, who not she wants to keep progressing, but now her boyfriend and her uncle that lives with her! Yes!!!! I love these moments! Anyway, changing the channel... because this week was transfers we had to drive to the airport and pick up the new missionaries! That was so much! It got me a little baggy because it reminded me when I got off that plane about 19 months ago! Its insane how fast time has gone by! 

Find the problem in each picture......

-Carwash is spelt wrong!  LOL

-In every single one of my areas...there is always a donkey following me around.

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